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:Contest entry: Changeling Celestia

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Published: November 10, 2012
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Guess who finished up her entry for this contest:
dA [link]
Tumblr [link]

If you said that it was me, then congratulations, you're correct. Have a :cookie:

The design for changeling Celestia was created by *InkRose98 and can be found here: [link]

I can only imagine that Celestia is the type who'd be strong and not seem to be emotionally affected by her change when in the prescence of her subjects and her loved ones, but when finally alone, she would break down and let it all out.

If you feel like it, please reblog from here (instead of uploading to Tumblr yourself): [link]

Also: SEASON 3! :iconcannotevenplz:

EDIT: Guys! 200 :+fav:'s in 24 hours! I love you!

EDIT 2: Ermahgerd! I GOT SECOND PLACE! :squee: I didn't even think I was going to make it to the top three with all those lovely entries xD The winning submission was my favourite :3

EDIT 3: Have some fanfiction inspired by this: [link]. This was written by the lovely ~vren55, who came to me asking if he was allowed to write a story and use this as the cover for it. He obviously got my permission. The writing is great. Give it a go ;P
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsaysplz: I knew I shouldn't have attempted that Polymorph to Cheese spell!
:iconqueenchrysalisplz::iconsaysplz: I tried to warn you, but did you listen? Noooo....
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She reminds me of a story I’m writing when Chrysalis turns into the Xenomorph Queen. It I described it as an extremely painful and horrifying experience. 
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TylerFreeFlightHobbyist Writer
Aw... Poor Tia. She looks so sorrowful. She should know her ponies would love her even as a changeling.
cool image.
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F-ishyCookiesHobbyist General Artist
NOOOOO Chryssi everyone loves you!!! Also great work :D
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'tis Alternia, not Chrysalis. =)
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F-ishyCookiesHobbyist General Artist
Oh. Oops! :)
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Happens. Better pay attention next time. X)
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I think she needs a hug. Come into my arms, Celi!
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jimmyhook19202122Student General Artist
that explains so much O_O
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Hey, come on, chear up. You'll be fine. :) It might not be so bad for you...... Do you want a hug?
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madalina10Student Traditional Artist
so sad ..but nice Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Celestia Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis 
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KillerTeddyBear94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is pretty good
even as a changeling, she still looks good
but seeing her cry just makes me want to comfort her :hug:

great job btw :)
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xXSilver-SpoonXxStudent Photographer

Imagine Chrysalis not a changeling o.o


Hey, that gives me an idea! :iconlightbulbplz:

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toongrownerHobbyist Digital Artist
she looks really lost and powerless. Oo
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Got led to this by :iconvren55:'s fanfiction on FIMfiction, and I gotta say, I really feel Celestia's pain in this picture.
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Holycrap1992Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconbegplz:... link, pwease?
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Holycrap1992Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Moonstar0214Student General Artist
Poor Tia
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GodzillaKruegerHobbyist Writer
Don't worry Celestia...:hug:
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jisowthefleetwayHobbyist General Artist
I'm shore someone's enjoying her misery and suffering [link]
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You belong to the hive now Celestia. Embrace it, knee; before your queen.
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poor celestia now you belongs to the changelings
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xXSilver-SpoonXxStudent Photographer
:iconhappywoonaplz: I get to rule and protect Equestria now :3
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