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All games sold! Thanks to those who participated!************************************************************

Good news for those who dont use paypal, you can gift me a game on steam to get a discount on a comm, depending what you might want!

For example: A game on my wishlist is Ori and the blind forest which is on sale for 10 bucks. Normally, a comm from me is 15$, but ill let you have it for 10 but only once per game (no use in having two copies of the same game :P)

Enter the GUNgeon --------------------SOLD~---------------
Slime Rancher: --------------------SOLD~---------------
Ori and the blind forest:  --------------------SOLD~---------------
Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor: --------------------SOLD~---------------
Fallout 4: Nuka-World DLC --------------------SOLD~---------------
Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive: --------------------SOLD~---------------

Send me a note or comment and lets get rolling. Act fast, cause steam sales are finicky and end arbitrarily. 

Thanks to
Caluan (From Piczel)
I do pretty much everything except gore/scat/watersports.
(Pictures provided are examples of characters, feel free to provide your own references :D)
Any1 Non Discounted Character: $20 Flat colors and Facial highlights.

Discounts/Bargain Bin: All Characters listed below.

Veran/Angel/Vrana(shortstack)/Fikiu(Trap)/Mimi(Long tongued mimic) Miss Horsey (horse): $13


Mature Content

Veran Level Up Sequence by angelDX

Mature Content

Streetwalker Angel by angelDX

Mature Content

Vrana, Daughter of Shadows by angelDX
Fikiu (left):

Mature Content

Mother-Daughter Docking Contest by angelDX
Mimi (Right): 

Mature Content

Dark Souls 3 Jailbreak Adventure Page 4 by angelDX
 Miss Horsey (right)(Theres also a nsfw one of her on tumblr/twitter)

Mature Content

Hypnotized Horsey Hijinks by angelDX

Olivia Keijo Mega Gardevoir (End 26) by redryan2009 Olivia Keijo Kirlia (End 26) by redryan2009


Mature Content

Captured Feets by angelDX

Witch (Dragon Quest 8)…

Dark Sun Gwyndolin 
Dark Magician Girl
Ashley Graham
Heya all, Im making a booru to host all of my massive Veran artwork collection. As anyone might know, you have a number counter on the front page, and I would like to decorate it with Lil pics of Veran holding the numbers in various ways. I would also post the picture in the booru ;3; I will of course be making a special thank you to anyone involved in this fun project.

So if you feel like doing a little something or know someone who might want to support my evil endeavors, lemme know :D
The booru is gonna be ALL Veran ALL the time, and if you are a fan of her, comment or send me a note and ill give you the link. Thank you :D

Just in case you havent seen a booru before, it looks like this:
Numbers by angelDX
Thanks to everyone who donated, I was able to get my hands on a new tablet, a Wacom Intuos (Its so tiny!) So we shall see how it works tomorrow...

I got Anime and Manga studio software packaged with it (No extra cost) but itd be a shame to install it on this dinky old computer so i plan to move my big ol hunkers from my room down to my dwelling in the basement for the RAM and other assorted specs! When I tried to install Manga Studio I had before, it said it was already used so I couldnt do it again, hence why im being cautious this time, or id be running it right now.

See you all tomorrow, when I Go to Biglug#1form! and thanks again! If you still wanna donate you can, or buy a commission to support me in the hunger games.
Im working on setting up my backup one now that ive had in box since last year :D It pays to plan ahead!
Should be able to stream today after I set it up and get used to it!

I do pretty much everything except gore/scat/watersports.

Discounts/Bargain Bin:

Teen Titans Go Gals: 3.50$
Veran/Angel/Vrana(shortstack)/Fikiu(Trap)/Mimi(Long tongued mimic): 3$
Gardevoir/Kirlia: 3.50$
Game Over Gruntilda: 3.50$
Pump a Rum: 4$
Saria: 3.50$
Shy Gal: 3.50$
2b 3$
Creepy Susie 3$
Birdo: 3$

_______All else_____  : 9$ unless its an additional character.
Add any of my OCs/Veran/Saria to your comm: +2$
Any Other Extra character: Extra depending on what you want.
CLOOOOSED! thanks to all who participated!

Verified and granted comms:
:iconlordsegunka: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! :D  DONE!
:iconhyperboss: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! :D DONE!
:iconhaitchjay: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! :D DONE!
:iconsuper-spartan: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! :D DONE!
:iconmaddoxdaze: 2 Comms, 1000 MB of space, thanks a bundle! :D 1 DONE!
:iconraisen-kun: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! :D DONE!
:iconx36kayo: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! :D DONE
:icondemonangel91: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! :D DONE!
:iconking-of-carved-stone: 1 Comm, 500MB of space, thanks! DONE!
Anybody know about this or know someone who knows about this site? If its less intense than picarto and OBS, I might be able to stream again and you know what that means,


Prepare your anus, the salt is real with this one today. Stay hydrated out there.

I've played so many open world games and refuse to grant brownie points to Breath of the Wild simply because it is their first open world Zelda game. Everything is way too spaced apart and getting anywhere takes way too long. Climbing is a chore and doesn't feel as fun as it should. (Yeah, you slowly spiderman your way up that cliff. Want to jump to make it faster? Cant because it uses more stamina for the same amount of progress.)

Questing for 120 soulless and same feeling shrines isn't my idea of fun.
Exploring for inventory upgrades to hold more cardboard weapons is ultimately pointless once you get the mehster sword. (Or any decent 2 or 3 arrow bow.)

The voice acting is awful. They only use it for like 1/8 of a conversation anyways. so whats the point?
The story is awful, and so is the villian, so it has to rely on combat and exploration, which are fine until it gets repetitive. If you have a goldfish brain, of course you can enjoy this game limitlessly, go crazy. But if you seek to be inspired by this halfhearted worldbuilding and horrible soundtrack, you will be disappointed. (Unless you like the taste of garbage. mmm.)

Its like this is everybody's first game, and they never experienced something such as the concept of an open world game before.

Lets call it what it really is: SKYWARD SWORD 2. BREATH OF THE STAMINA.

Give it more 10/10s though. I'll bet Nintendo didn't even have to pay you to suck their balls.
If DA ever decides to kick me off for whatever reason (Probably because in their mind, every young girl is young forever. Pedophiles that they are.)
I have a plan if I ever get banned. No not tumblr.
If you wanna follow me further into the darkness, no matter what, feel free to note me and i will let you in.
I want you all to google: “Henri Matisse large reclining nude” and tell me that the head doesn’t look like Ron Weasley.
I feel the same way about my art the way an older man feels about explaining his younger looking girlfriend to his friends: FUCK YOU SHES 18!


Also I have new depraved content on tumblr if you like shortstacks with lisps and a futa version
Teen Titans Go Gals: 3$
Nier Automata Gal: 3 $
Veran/Angel/Vrana(shortstack)/Fikiu(Trap)/Mimi(Long tongued mimic): 2$
Gardevoir/Kirlia: 3$
Bloodborne doll: 4$
Game Over Gruntilda: 3$
Pump a Rum: 3$
Saria: 3$
Tsunade: 3$
All else: 9$ unless its an additional character.
Extra character: Extra depending on what you want.
It means a lot to me to see so many comments for my birthday ;u;

I even got a picture out of the deal! :D

Mature Content

Happy Birthday AngelDX by LeFrenchFox

How neat is that? Thank you again you all, and especially you who drew me ;P I love being drawn, so treats like this are the best gift of all :D

Mature Content

Winged bunny by Cornerbox

And pumpa! So cute >u<
Give them to me.
With references please.
In a simple site about art, its amazing what they do to censor themselves.
First of all the HEAVY censoring. Its amazing.
CORE is the only thing they care about now. They have made it so if you dont have it a GIGANTIC ad, yes its an ad, pops up if you have adblock. isnt that weird.
If you dont have core, it limits the amount of deviations your group can accept now. Even limiting the amount PER DAY that you can request to feature in the group.
Just... Fuq this stupid website. Its little annoyances that give me the biggest headache. In some ways tumblr is worse, but DA I just cant stand.
So to get it (IT being the DLC of Dark souls 3), Im opening up a simple commission thing,
DARK SOULS: Prepare to CUM edition

So any1 character from dark souls is $5 un colored, fully lined
any2 characters, with at least 1 from dark souls is $8 un colored, fully lined

1 character, full colored/shaded is $10

Or the Shower of the First Sin edition is 2 Characters, at least 1 from dark souls, full color and shade for $15

I can do expansion, soft vore, futa, sex. etc.

Be careful out there, no one wants to see you go hollow. From not jerkin it ;p
If you really want to know, its because previously I was tired of drawing. I don't have the most basic of skills to allow me to draw stuff quickly or without heavy use of references. I can scrape by and make half decent stuff, but I wanted to get better to rival my friends :iconneikou: :iconcornerbox: and :icondarkly1:

So instead of suffering burnout, I decided to draw my favorite character over and over again to build up some skills, and by doing so, helps me draw every single day. Even if its just for a bit.

Also, I am obsessed with Veran. Didnt know that? What are you, new? I dream about her. Last night I had a dream where I had a young apprentice and she cut and styled her hair to look like Veran. Either because she liked me a lot and wanted me to like her back or because Veran is great. I dunno, it was unclear and I fantasize..

TLDR, when I try to draw new stuff, I freeze up and put projects on hold, but asks are forgiving and allow me to derp around and learn, while still hopefully giving people some stuff they wanna see.