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Power of Three Design Challenge

Challenge by :iconjayie-the-hufflepuff:
Here's the template:…
Trend by :iconmalistlk:

• Jayfeather: dark gray tabby tom (Leafpool is a tabby and Crowfeather is dark gray)

• Hollyleaf: black she-cat with a few white markings (here's her old design btw:…)

• Lionblaze: big orange and golden tabby boy

• Breezepelt: black edgy boy

• Heathertail: a cute short-haired pinkish-brown she-cat

• Sol: tortie Maine coon with a left yellow eye and a right silver blind eye (his full body design:…)

Program: Ibis Paint x
Time: 4 hours

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Wow there's more of these! So cool! May I ask why is Sol half-blind? Was he blind in books and I forgot, or is that just design choice?

I love his little flame marking btw

AngelDalet's avatar

Thank you! it's a design choice actually :)

Vulkan-C's avatar

Ah, I see! Nice choice, it fits him, as the mysterious eclipse cat he is.

zCelestialMist's avatar

Their designs are gorgeous. It takes me 5,000 years to come up with a design for a character. Even when using real life references I just fall apart while making it.

StormyNightPetal's avatar
hollyleaf and breezepelt are two of my favourite cats, they all look great tho
MyBrisby's avatar

This is super cool, I like their patterns. I also really like how you draw fur, it's so light and fluffy x3

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AquamarineSailor's avatar

Hollyleaf's design is *chef's kiss*

Your art is gorgeous! <3

AngelDalet's avatar
lionheartisdabest's avatar

theese are amazing, I didn't know sol had one blind eye though

Charmpaws's avatar
So awesome! :0
QuailSoup's avatar

I love how mean Breezepelt looks in this, and the similarities in his design to Hollyleaf's is a nice touch! :D

Starcat7a's avatar

Whoa! Heathertail looks gorgeous in your style!

hollowspirit2020's avatar

wow, thats a very cool sol design!

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