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since I have seen a lot of people requesting for the rules, I want to explain as follows:

generally you are all welcome to use my stock :)

just these following rules:

-you can use them for your artwork creation
as long as you credit me and notify me before

-if it's used outside of DA, pls credit me and also let me know the link.

-they are not used for commercial production

-do  not use them to create violent, or offensive arts to my culture. <3



© 2007 - 2021 angelcurioso
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Im planning to use some of your stock in a picture im working on :)
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I'm planning to use your incredible custom piece [link] for my EPIC MOVIE POSTER CONTEST II entry.
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Well, Im going to use a fe of yours, i'm not sure which yet, but you can expect a few links, all properly credited sometime soon.
B-wanted's avatar
I'm so going to use your pose for my drawings |D

You're so pretty ^_^ Maybe you should apply for net-idol or something like that? |D -grins-
BlackTowerOfTime's avatar
Thank you for let us know how to handle.
And by the way, your chinese historical costumes are incredible cool! Wish to know were to get :-)
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Au grand Plaisir de vous retrouver sur DA.


With the great Pleasure of finding you on DA.
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Its been forever!

All is well I hope?

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