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Another one of the kigurumi masks I picked up about 2 years ago that I had to do a lot of work to get looking good again.  Was bought second hand from Taobao, the eyes didn't fit correctly and the hair, to be frank, I was surprised it wasn't destroyed.  Completely removed the eyes and mountains of hot glue that they were "mounted" with, refit and refastened them in place.  The wig took many steps to fix...started with motions sheen to try and smooth it out and had little success so it got a fabric softener bath (two actually) which smoothed it out and was finally able to run a brush through it.  After that I took a hair straightener to it and was finally able to style it similar to an in-game (FFXIV) look.  Mask has very poor vision so it's going to be a photo shoot mask only but still...she looks so grumpy I love her...

This is a Miqo'te mask (from Final Fantasy XIV) made by Tuzi.  Latex is from Civet.
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