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BlazBlue - Pink Taokaka Cosplay

So I finally got some shots back of my Taokaka costume when I wore it to Katsucon this year. And they look AWESOME. AWESOME.

So this is the Tao costume I had progress of in this gallery and finished up at the end of January...ended up wasting time competing in the masquerade at Ohayocon instead of doing awesome pictures...


This is the full-body. Shows off pretty much anything (SHOES). Hope you like!

Photo by the ever so incredibly talented SolarTempest...check out all his galleries here - [link]

Feel free to follow me on FaceBook is you like my stuff...I post a lot more updates, progress pictures and finished costume photos on that page - [link]
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That's is ma girl right there!yes 
LovestarHazelangel's avatar
So. Freaking. AWESOME!!! Love 
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*cries* I need this. How much would you be willing to sell it for?
Or even better, make one in my size? I've been hunting for a costume maker for ages!
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Nice Taokaka Cosplay!
Robinsu's avatar
You are Welcome!
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Mind if I ask how you got such thick braids :OO?
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12 packs of extensions, 6 for each braid.
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This is by far one of the nicest Tao cosplay costume I have soon so far. The ones on Ebay are nice but this one is definitely close. *Thumbs up*
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May I ask how you made your cosplay outfit? This August I plan on going as Taokaka and Torakaka for Otakon. I just wondered what template or sewing pattern you used for this costume.:)
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To be honest, I started this costume so long ago, I don't even remember what the base pattern was. I want to say it was a basic tunic pattern that was just modified, but I do remember the sleeves being drafted. They were made like a baseball shirt sleeve (in which there was like, a bottom panel...3 seams, 2 on the bottom and the shoulder seam). I mean, I'd be glad to offer whatever advice I can, but it's been so long. If there's anything specific or any tips you'd like, let me know as that's really all the stuff I can offer to you.
Piki-inoue's avatar
How did you do those amazing shoes?! You did such a greta job QwQ;
AngelCostumes's avatar
Just cut the heel off of them and then rebuilt it out with foam! And thank you! :D
Piki-inoue's avatar
Awesome thank you! I love the embroidery on the pawpads!! QwQ
InkyNotebook's avatar
I send you a note a while ago about a commission but I never heard back. Are you open for commissions?
AngelCostumes's avatar
I do apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but I've just been slammed with work and stuff around the house.

In terms of commissions, I am always taking them, but it really depends on what kind of time I have for a project. Like, if I were to take on something now, I wouldn't be able to really start on it until after Halloween...
InkyNotebook's avatar
I understand, I was just wondering if something like a Taokaka hoodie would be possible though at this point I think the whole cosplay might be easier...
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This is fantastic. Nice to see more colored Taokaka cosplays. I'm hoping to cosplay her soon myself. And as everyone else said the shoes as fabulous. I was wondering if you made them or if you chopped the heels off of some sort of shoe. Any advice?
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I believe they were just high heeled knee high boots, that I cut the heel off, and then trimmed the actual fabric part down to make them a calf-high boot (then finished the top of the boot with bias tape).

But yeah, just basic high-heeled pleaser brand boots with the heel knocked off...nothing too special.
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