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Heya! I know I haven't posted in a while, but I want to you all know, that I decided to show a preview of my first novel! :D For the first time ever! So if you want to learn about Angel and her friends, this is your chance! Sadly Cnder is in further chapters, and I can only go up to Chapter 2 and a bit of it, ( I wanted to add more on Chapter 2 to get readers going, sadly it wouldn't let me. :c ) anyway I hope you enjoy!

The novel itself is finished to be honest, other than the mistakes of the spelling ahaha. ^ ^" So it won't be perfect, still fixing it up, just glad its been finished. I have worked on this book since I was 14! :c So you can imagine I am trying to get it perfect as I can! This brings me to the point, if you want to help me out, feel free to give me feed back! And I am always open for a tip! ^^ A link to my paypal is there, if anyone wants to tip me.
Enough said, here is my novel! :D

Cyngel's Dream World TheDreamPREVIEWHere is a preview of my book! Warning you may not copy or past, upload or change anything without my permission! If you like to help me out, for any correction or mistakes! please contact me on here, or by email and if you would like to tip me, to help me out to help me publish it. :D I am hoping to publish next year!
The novel is finished, and I worked hard on it since I was 14! ( I also did so much changing too! ) I am proud of my work, and I hope you enjoy reading!
Characters, including Angel and Cnder, Dream Rayverns or Dream Rays, fantasy world and all above, and story including belongs to AngelCnderDream14, all rights reserved!

Book cover. :3 The watermark will be removed once it's published. ;P
Prelude- Welcome to Cyngel's Dream World
It  all started when I was walking in the forest today, while as I was walking this morning. I started to sense something was following me. I kept onward onto the path

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Omg you guys, you must check out this amazing artist! they is amazing with animals! I am surprised she isn't noticed much. Please go check out their work immediately! notaguitarfret :iconnotaguitarfret:

Here is some of their artwork to get what I am saying! P.s they are doing commissions, and their really cheap! ^3^ Anyway go support them! >3< They deserves it!

Also it will help them so much, if you spread the word about their work! So go and share with your friends NOWWWW!

All I Have by notaguitarfret

Fret Bio by notaguitarfret

Magic Tutor by notaguitarfret

Rubiks Cube by notaguitarfret
Hey guys, just letting you know. That I am still active, and that I do have some art that I will be posting very soon; and more that I am currently working on. I have a reason for not posting all this time. I never told you about this issue I had, which is Sai stabilizer wasn't work right. ( which is a auto fix for your pen, so you can draw neat. Which is why my drawings weren't very nice...)
At first, it wasn't a big deal at the time, when I was drawing. But since I been trying to improve on drawing, I realized it wasn't me it was just my tablet not installed all the way; which is why it wasn't working. It was causing me to slow down and lose motivation, I was drawing like more than 5 hours... And this wasn't for a drawing and adding detail wise.

Any ways that is why I haven't been posting all this time, I finally found out a reason, and I should've found away to fix this problem sooner but wasn't worrying about it at the time. Hope you guys will like my work when I post it. Hopefully by Tuesday, since I want to get enough done before I post any. Also their is some art that is very late, I made Halloween and Thanksgiving art, that is still being worked on.... ( The Christmas one is almost done btw, it's a ship but it's cute and the only one I could make. ^ ^" )

P.s The ship wasn't planned. XD

Anyway cya!
Dreaming of you 2017 by AngelCnderDream14

Hey guys, I decided to make some thing special when I reach 200 watchers! Since we are very close to it, I gotten 196~ btw Thank you those who have watched me recently! <3

When I hit 200 watchers, I'll make a special video for you all. ^3^ So... further a do, tell your friends about me! Share etc and let's reach 200 watchers together! <3

P.s check out my comic! Working on page 2, and very soon should be posted! =D

Link to the folder: angelcnderdream14.deviantart.c…

The Journey Of The Risin Comic book cover by AngelCnderDream14
Hey guys, is anyone interested in joining my live stream tonight? I will be doing just art in stand, because horror games do not work out for me. Anyways this here is a remake live stream for Halloween, for this reason is. My previous live stream went terrible, and I went to watch it to see how it went, I noticed that you couldn't understand me, the audio was off and the background sound was too loud.... I even made sure, guess it wasn't good. Anyways I deleted the video and decided to try again. Unlike the first one, I will not show myself, and wear my Angel Dream Rayvern Hoodie. So anyways, if you want to watch me do one simple artwork or more, feel free to come and join me! ^ ^

My live stream has been done, you can still watch it here: It went so much better, although no body has chatted. I am still happy that I enjoy myself, and love how the drawing turned out so far. =D

Hey guys, Happy Halloween. Today I will be doing a live stream wearing my cute Angel Dream Rayvern Hoodie! ^3^ ( I still got to make Cnder.. )

So come and join me in a few minutes! We will be playing horror games. For this occasion, it will be live  on YouTube. :la: :dummy:

Link is here: YouTube:…

RAFFLE! Not mine

Thu Oct 19, 2017, 10:21 AM

No art for a while

Wed Oct 18, 2017, 4:57 PM
Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know. That I won't be posting anything tonight, maybe Friday? I just didn't get much done, due to me doing other things, such as trying to learn unity and trying to perpare myself for my game that I want to work on. Also I was busy looking after my niece and nephew at the time. Plus not to mention I was playing a game with friends, which lasted longer than I expected... the whole day... time flies it really does.

Anyways I am going to try to get much done tonight so I have some thing for this Friday, see ya all soon! ^ ^

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I'm trying you guys

Thu Oct 12, 2017, 10:12 PM
Hi, I am just wanted to post a journal about my progress so far, I still have more stuff that I want to post this weekend. I would of post more, but I am having trouble with my comic book, not to mention trying to get other things done. D: Anyways I wanted to let you all know, that I haven't like goof or forget anything like that, just trying solve how to finish things. Anyway, some I will post this Friday but it won't be much as I wanted. The comic book, might not get posted with more pages this weekend. But I will try my best to get it finished, as soon as possible! That is all I can say for now, peace! <3

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Lets do a contest together!

Sun Oct 8, 2017, 6:54 PM
Hey guys, I really want to do a contest! So I made a poll, those who saw it. Please check in the comments below from within the poll, I just posted a comment about how to enter.

Please also vote! I really want to do a contest honestly, I really do. D:


Also please do share the poll as well! I really want to get this started.

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Hey guys, I decided to delete my first page of my first comic book. Journey of the Risin. For this reason is, I am going to remake it again... I am still not happy with the style, it is not my true style honestly.
( Since I have improved so much, it be nice to have my actual style in my comic book! Plus with better comic panel etc! )

If you are concerned about the first page, and the continuation of my comic book. Do not fright, the first page will be re uploaded along with the newest pages. ^ ^ Tonight, I shall work as many pages as I can, so be sure to be keep a look out this coming Wednesday! =D

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I just realized some thing...

Sat Oct 7, 2017, 11:54 AM
I have made 3 groups, which are; CyngelCrawly, DreamRayverns and SkyrimsRaidersRyders. I thought they were good to go for members, but I realized that their not ready for members. Since my species are not known well enough. Meaning I need to make more artwork, and actually have comics of them. I knew I needed this, but didn't realized I needed to start this in the beginning first, before allow members to join.  So I decided, I will not be accepting any new members until its ready, members that are already in my group can stay and are allowed to still post etc of their character.

Another reason is cause, the guides are not fully ready as I thought they were, so my plan is. I'll make comics of my species, story lines and finish the guides than I will allow new members.

Which will take a long time to make.... so enough said that is what I am going to do. Feel free to ask me any questions, if you have any. 

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UPDATE! I lost my digital pen......

Wed Oct 4, 2017, 10:05 PM
Update: I finally found it... it was in the kitchen behind the counter near the stools... It was blending in so well, that I didn't even see it.

If those are wondering why it was in the kitchen, I was in the kitchen with my laptop. I some times go there, to watch videos and such.

I lost my digital pen....... I have no idea where it went, last time I seen it. It was on my desk laying about, when I was about to use it. It was gone! I have no idea where it went, I have searched every where, and I mean EVERY WHERE!  I have searched around my bed, my freaking desk doers like 5-7 times now! Including in the kitchen, my moms room any where I can think of. Even under my bed, around my bed. Around my desk, on my desk even behind it! I have no idea where it went, and I am done searching for it tonight. ;-; I was going to finish at least one of the commissions tonight, but I don't want to continue without it, I have better drawing than with a mouse. ( And its been a while since I actually used it completely... )

Where the hell did my digital pen go? Seriously? I think spirits took it, cause I have spirits in my house and they place things around.... It crazy, anyways hope I find it soon. If I do not find it tomorrow, their will not be any artwork tomorrow. Maybe Friday? I don't know...... Well wish me luck. 

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Point commissions are OPEN!

Wed Oct 4, 2017, 10:55 AM
Hey guys, letting you all know, that my point commissions are now open. ^ ^ 10 pts, 20pts and 50pts, which are better since some of you probably wanted it to be cheaper. Anyways I won't change the price for the points, until I gotten more noticed. If you have any questions, feel free to Note me. =D

Btw, I changed my prices for cash wise on tumbler. Didn't realized the prices are too high, so I lower them. Plus I fix up my grammar a bit, didn't know it was confusing. ^ ^"

Anyways here is the link, if you want to commission me with cash:

P.s my discounts are still available!


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Its my anniversary! 3!!!!

Fri Sep 22, 2017, 10:26 PM
Hey guys, I know this is late. But yesterday, it was my anniversary for this account.
Made this account since September 22, and now it is three years old.Oshawott Bawling Plz  The feels! Anyway, I made some thing special for all of you! Which is why, it took me so long! ;3; But it is finally finished! ( Okay, so it took like the whole day. )

I hope you guys enjoy, but I made a raffle type of game for my dream rayverns, which you get to do a quiz type of thing, and I generate the numbers you give me in the comments, and once that is done. I shall make a Dream Rayvern for you, thats right a dream rayvern for you!  I am really excited for this honestly, so anyways what are you waiting for? Check out the game here!:

DreamRayvern Raffle Anniversary! by AngelCnderDream14

Oh, and I know I am a bit late for the posting, I didn't forget. ^ ^ Just being slow, and no its not cause of the lack motivation. Anyway enjoy for now, and see ya when I post more things this weekend! <3

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Hey, I know this probably might be asking much. But is anyone interested in commission me, for at least 1 dollar, or possibly 5? ( USA Only. )
I really need the money, and I will be happy to accept discounts for this time. Like a dollar, of just 50 cents. ( No lower than that though. )
  You can choose from 50 cents, to one dollar to five dollars. As long I get cash. ^ ^ Please have Paypal, and read my policy here first!
It will explain. Feel free to ask questions, if yours wasn't answered.
Also no worries, theirs not that much to read on their.  ( For whatever really, as long it is accepted in my terms.)

For example, I can make an artwork like this:
The forest is a live Art Trade With Steph by AngelCnderDream14

For just one dollar.


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I'm back!

Mon Sep 18, 2017, 11:37 AM

I'm back! 2017

Hey all, I am back! ^ ^  I feel so much better over that vocation, I needed that honestly and during my time. I took the time to work on myself, and find ways to fix my issues and to prevent breaking any more promises and words.

Starting today, I will be changing things for sure, and will try but I won't promise anything though for this part, that I am going to tell you. I have come up with a schedule for myself, for live streams and other things, including deviant art. Speaking of which, I will be posting artwork on Wednesday ( On this account. ) and Friday on my other account. Today,  I shall post one artwork for now, just to post some thing in my return. ( That way I can post more artwork, and make more. Since I gotten my motivation back! =D )

 Now for my live streams, I will no longer be live streaming on Sunday, for now I will be only live streaming on Friday,Saturday. Since no body comes to my live stream on Sundays. ( And I know, but my friends don't go to church. Only my friends come to my live streams. They used to on Sundays, but oh well. )
Also I will be live streaming on YouTube now, but still use twitch and picartotv, since I am using redchat. ( It allows you to live stream multi, at the same time! )
Oh yeah, I also made my own band, its just me for now. But I released my first album, my bands called RiftDreamer. =3
Here is a link, if you wish to check out my album. ( And yes, I did made some music over my vocation. ^ ^ )
Link to RiftDreamer Click here! <---

I am also planning to change my prices for deviant art again, but for points but it will be cheap again. It will be around 20-50 points instead, since the deals and discounts is not working. But I went a head and made a cash commission policy, which are cheap 1-5, 1-15 USA dollars. You can find it on my tumbler page,
( which I happen to make over my vocation. I know I said, I'm taking a break from social media, but I wanted to make an account anyway to try to get more social media to grow my fan base. )   it will explain my policy, I will accept mostly cash for now. But until then, I won't accept points for a while. ^ ^

If you want to commission me now, here is a link to my cash commissions: My cash commissions <--- click here
( If you have a tumbler account, feel free to follow me on there. =3 )
I will be accepting commissions now, so if you want me to do one. PM me, and I will sent you my PayPal email.

Also I made another schedule for myself, for practice shake. Since my spelling and vocabulary is bad again, I will practice every week. By writing down new words or old ones that I forgotten, and practice until next week. ( If I have gotten better on them, if not then I will keep them on my list. )

Also their is more that I want to say, I also gotten new shirts from my RedBubble store, I gotten this shirt and it looks great! I love my art on my shirt, that I actually decided to just work on Ak'ta comic book instead for a while. Just to get to 20 pages, than I will continue my first comic book; which is Journey of the Risin.

Here is a picture of my shirt that I gotten!  ( If you want my shirt, you can get it here! Click here to get one!

Sshot 2 by AngelCnderDream14

Sshot 4 by AngelCnderDream14

Sshot 3 by AngelCnderDream14
P.s, I gotten another one but I am disappointed, however I will keep it. Sadly I won't show it at this time.

A few things I want to tell you over my vocation, I also made another a few list to make myself better. But one of the lists, is my goals that I accomplish since I turned 22. So far I have accomplished 13 goals so far, and I am going to try to accomplish 22 goals before I turn 23! One of them, happens to be changing my first illegal name to Cynail. I just need 130 more, and I can change it! If you guys want to help me out, feel free to buy, commission me etc. Or simply donate. Every cash will help me to my dream goal. ^ 3 ^

 I will be starting a kickstarter soon, but this will be for my book. Currently I have contacted a printer for my book, so at the moment I am waiting his reply. Once I get my book printed, I will start my kickstarter campaign. ( And after my animation for it. ^ ^" )

One last thing, and that is all I want to tell you. Is that on YouTube, I am going to be changing things for my channel, even the schedule for uploading videos will change. I already got it all planned out, so yeah that is about it. ^ ^

Also I admit, I do check on my media like every day or some times, but not entirely during my vocation. ( was mostly playing games. ) Anyways the vocation was more towards working on things more, than social media itself.  Things were stressing me out, not entirely from social media.( I admit, I check my deviant art over my vocation and I noticed I gotten so many llamas, favs, and a few replies to my last journal. Thank you for that! ^ ^ )

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