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Invader Zim Cyngel's Fear Comic Book

Feel free to read my Invader Zim Cyngel's Fear comic book, fan fiction! =) If your into Invader Zim that is... Here is the plot if you are curious: But first a warning. WARNING!: In this fan fiction, their will be some horror/ messed up things that I never did before. However I do hope you enjoy my fan fiction story nonetheless! If you are too young to see blood, or see anything like sexual? ( No their won't be sex in it. XD ) Than please do not read this comic book! I will try my best to make the characters accurate! Since I been watching the show, over and over again... and again.... ( I WANT MORE OF ZIMMM!!!! ) Anyways here is the story plot, if you want to know about it and interested in reading my comic book. ( I will try to work on this fan fiction comic, but I do have other comics I want to work on besides this. P.s I plan to put this on YouTube as well, and do the voices. ^ ^) Story Plot: During the move to another dimension, Cyngel's family had to take another form and start a new life, from their previous life wise. During so, they barely remember who they were or why they had to move to another dimension, and of course had to change their names except Cyngel's brothers whom apparently stayed with the same name... not sure why; Although since the move, Cyngel's family haven't lost their dream powers, which was good since Cyngel and her family will need it to hide among strange realm. To not make things worse, a green skin at Cyngel's new school wouldn't leave her alone, and strange things been going on in her dream plain interrupting her to charge up her dream powers. Has the evil creature found Cyngel and her family? Is that why Cyngel and her family came here, to escape it all? Find out in this comic book! Also what is up with Zim strange behaviors?!

Cyngels Fear Zim
Invader Zim Cyngel's Fear Book Cover
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