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Seriously you will not find LOS or any Spyro fandom really..( I hate that shiz, no offense!). unless Spyro classic or Reignited Trilogy since I grew up with Spyro from 1998. I highly dislike the skylanders and LOS. I've never ever gotten any inspiration from them, nor do I care for that stuff. So please understand that my personas and characters are not Spyro ocs, just inspired from the old days and other stuff I am into etc.

I ACTUALLY gotten inspiration from DrakenGard, Draken Order of the flame, Shrek from that red dragon, Dragon and a few other stuff, including Land Before Time. This is my REAL source of where I gotten the spikes etc. Oh and from MLP classic stuff that I watch when I was like 9?

Also please don't use this, this is my own personal use, if you wish to use this. You must ask my written permission... which I prefer you don't, because this is for my own theme to match up with my ship (profile)
so please... don't use as I said.

Also those who don't know OF, stands for Owner's form. My term that my twin and I came up with which is another word for Persona.
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