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Spiritual Eggs hand made creature eggs! Etsy shop
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Published: June 12, 2018
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( I am just going to copy and past, on where I already share this on other sites.)

So Basically, this is pretty exciting for me, I been working on these eggs for some time now. I plan on selling these eggs in my etsy store, which is my first time owning an etsy store. Which is why I am excited.

Anyway, before I sell, I need to know if people are interesting in having one. If so, I will make more and preparing my shop for it.

These are no like eggs you seen, nor bought. These are spiritual eggs, currently for now is the Griffen and the Phoenix egg that are going to be spiritual eggs at this time. ( More info about that in a bit later. ) The creatures eggs that is in this photo are;

Red egg: Phoenix

Blue and the green egg: Dragon eggs

Blue and yellow egg: Griffen egg

The other blue egg, weird symbols: Dream Rayvern egg, which is from off my species, this egg is a future type of egg after my etsy store  if its been open some time now.

Now that is out of the way, here is what I mean with spiritual egg.

 I have an idea for having some thing like hatching. ^ ^ But its like a spiritual imagination kind of thing, so its shorta like its hatching to you. Basically, the Griffen and the Phoenix at this time will be spiritual eggs as I said above, its a fun game and its rare those who want to try.
 ( I am hoping this works for others, it seemed to work for me when I was working on one.  ) If you focus enough and over time on the egg that you have bought enough, you might imagine that animal spirit and should reveal to you; so you get to see what it looks like, like coming up with a new character.

If that makes any sense to you guys that is, not sure many of you are into the spiritual stuff, but its for fun shake. Either way, you chose the spiritual game or just for decoration wise. It still a cool looking creature egg.
Also you can shake the egg, and they make noise. ^ ^ They are filled in mainly sand, candle wax ( to bring forth spirit of the animal. ), and maybe a random bell. ( Someone gave me this idea. )

Anyway I hope you guys like my eggs, and let me know what you think. Would you guys buy one? Please comment below and let me know what you think, that way I am certain they are worth for sell or not.

Those who are curious about my shop name, is going to be called, LittleDreamRaywishes. ♥

Keep an eye out as I will definitely post examples of my eggs on DA soon.

( I might call these egg series to Soiritual eggs, since I realized I made a typo in my stash. xD )

P.s I'll be very appreciate more, if you share my eggs to your friends and family, so I can get notice more.  Thank you for your time, if you have read this. <3

I am on patreon, support me there with just 1 dollar!

Commissions are  closed!( I keep forgetting to update this! )

Will post about the commissions some time in the near future.


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MCnickdudemedi|Hobbyist Filmographer
Omg! Those eggs are so pretty! :D They're so pretty and realistic ♥♥♥♥ :D
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AngelCnderDream14|Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you hun! ♥ Ikr?! :D They sure are, the blue and yellow the most keeps making me think it will hatch. > < But it won't. :c
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MCnickdudemedi|Hobbyist Filmographer
You're very welcome hun! ♥ :D They really are! :D Oh gosh, I know right? :c I wish it would hatch! :c ♥
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AngelCnderDream14|Hobbyist Filmographer
^ ^. ♥ They sure are! Right! Me too. :c
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