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My commissions sheet thingy1st( No longer in use!)
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© 2018 - 2019 AngelCnderDream14

     Angel with headphones Dream Rayvern   If you fav, please comment! Comments keep me going more! Thank you!  Angel with headphones Dream Rayvern 

~~~~~~*The Shadows Watch... And Wait... PLEASE READ! Important info  here!~~~~*F2U: dummy dream :tardwave: 
my first gif

UPDATE 2!: I am making a new one, with a much easier color theme( It will be a plain background, I realized my mistakes are, thanks for someone telling me. )
, and easier to read. With text format! ^-^ And many others, changing things to make it more fair, and much easier. So if you want to commission me, and couldn't read this at all, I apologize.

PLEASE GO TOWARDS THIS COMMISSION SHEET HERE: www.deviantart.com/angelcnderd…


  Update: I made it bigger as I possibly as I could, if its still unreadable, I will update the description to make it readable.

The 2V is the version it has been updated, so keep out for a new update! Example V2, V3 etc.

I finally made this! Some thing finally easier to show off my work and prices! I been seeing other artists doing this, if only I done this sooner. Sorry took so long, had trouble deciding the prices and figuring out the hours it takes etc.

Prices and time:
Going to keep this simple as I am showing here.
Okay, so for a sketch/line art for a head shot or a full body, it cost $3. $5 for a chibi, free choice for a full or head shot for the chibi; Flate is free in my artwork. However if you choice burst it will cost extra, which is only for one $1 more. You can have you're character colored along with a simple background; White, blue etc of your choice.  $3+ for another character. $12 for a full detailed background, example forest, ocean etc.( Regardless how many characters. )
If you like, I can make a speedpaint video along with your commission, it only cost $3 more.

( Animations are coming soon, gifs are not available at this time. )

Animations $20, gifs, sound etc.

Now for the time it takes me:

Transitional art:

$2- $5 for a transitional art, sketch /line art is $2, $5 is for the rest, since I am not that great in drawing like I am on digital. Same rules!

Going to make more soon.
Examples for traditional art: angelcnderdream14.deviantart.c…

Sketch and line art don't take me that long.
Its takes me about: 10mins-5mins- 2mins for sketch, line art 30 mins-20mins,

Coloring takes about half an hour depending on it.Sometimes more than an hour, if their is more than one character. So 1H 15Mins give or take.

Shading takes more than 2 hours. I would say about 4-5 hours give or take, depending on the detail and all.

Simple is really fast, so I will say about 20 seconds.

Background with details takes more than 3 hours.

Animations have not yet timed, when I update this I will put how long it takes me to animate.

I am not allowing modeling at this time, as I want to practice more. ( This will be added in a later update. )

Discounts %5 if you favorite and comment on my artwork, must be at least 5 artwork. %10 if you favorite and comment on 10 of my artwork. Share my artwork to your friends, and website with my written permission plus with credit, and a link to my deviant art. You get %15 off.

If you want to know how much you save etc, here is a helpful site that I am going to use. :) www.omnicalculator.com/busines…

Here is more examples of my work, there is more coming real soon with some improvements, keep in note that I just came back from being lacking motivation so I am kinda rusty.
But feel confident and full of motivation, inspiration than I was before! ^3^

Link to examples of my work


Important note:

I am still learning, and will now accept your critic to help me improve. If you don't like how it turned out at the end, you will not get you're money back. It will remain on how it turned out. However during when I am working on it, you may request you're money back any time, if you do not like it before I finish it; you will also get a preview of it, but not right when right I am finsihed. ( You also have rights to ask me to change it, but keep in mind. I am trying my best on both terms. )

Please do not pay me now, until it is accepted. Once accepted and when you paid, I will work on it. But keep in mind, that others are in line, so you will have to wait. If you can't wait anymore being in line, you may request you're money back.

Also please do be patient, if you cannot wait still before or even if I started on you're request, than you can have your money back!

What I can and will not draw:

I draw cartoony, but also a bit realistic, I am aiming now to draw realistic things, but not too detail due to my skill level.

I draw fantasy creatures, such as dragons, ( even my own species.) griffins for example. Dinosaurs, and aliens including. I can draw animals, birds, horses, Pegasus, reptiles and some what humans, but they will look kinda chibi. ( You can see my examples in my gallery. )
I can also draw furries,Scalies and still learning on this.

I can try to draw robots, but not detail. I will not draw sonic characters however, or even any media unless it is you're own character.
I can do some gore, but not extremely.
I will not draw nudity, or sex.

This is all I can think of, feel free to ask me on what I could draw, if I am interested and not sure I can draw it. I can be happy to give it a try, if you are willing to let me try. 

That is all I can think of, this will be updated over time!

I am on patreon, support me there with just 1 dollar!


Commissions are  OPEN!

Obviously its this thing here.


Artwork, and commission sheet belongs to AngelCnderDream14 SkyrimsAktahRyders You may not use in anyway without my permission!

Groups is a part of;

( add a group logo here, if their is one. )

 Follow me on;

Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/angelcynder

DA main account: :iconangelcnderdream14: Angel with headphones Dream Rayvern 

DA Second account: :iconskyrimsaktahryders: pokemon gif talonflame 

Twitter: twitter.com/CynderAngelPd14

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/cynderangel14po

RedBubble: www.redbubble.com/people/angel…

Picarto.tv: picarto.tv/AngelCynder

My Discord server: discord.gg/U3QxxMQ

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCELMz…

Website: www.cyngelsdreamworldonline.co…

Tumbler: angelcnderriftdreamer.tumblr.c…

My band: riftdreamer.bandcamp.com/relea…
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