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Ah, I am a bit late. ^ ^" Due to busy with filming with others for YouTube wise, here is an artwork that I finally finished. Here is me, being displeased due to people I had drama with, but won't say much about it, plus was going to add words on here, but I moved on from it so I figure I just leave the words out. Plus will ruin the artwork since I realized this, also my room doesn't look like this btw, even tho its a Spyro the dragon classic room style, man that room would be epic! <3

However its not like that..... sadly.. Anyway also I kinda look like this, just my hair aren't spikey and I aren't skinny. X,3 Haha but its all good.( Wish I had those cloths tho, and the collar I could make with clay. :happybounce: Since I have a lot still.

Now what I think I could of done better tho, is the shading but I tried my best, also this is a new style I was trying out and forgot to mention until now. Haha opps, sorry! Sweating a little... Anyway hope you all enjoy a cartoon artwork of me, haha. X3

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KyoShindotheDreamer's avatar
KyoShindotheDreamer|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty and why are like whatever in your drawing on yourself? XD But yeah, cute. :)
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AngelCnderDream14's avatar
AngelCnderDream14|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^ ^ Welp, you were there when it happened. But I can tell you on discord, but anyway thanks for the comment. ^^
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KyoShindotheDreamer's avatar
KyoShindotheDreamer|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome and alright. You want me to talk with you on discord today? :)
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AngelCnderDream14's avatar
AngelCnderDream14|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I'll just leave a message. XD
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