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Screen shot of Milda by AngelCnderDream14
( This here is Milda, from the film we're working on. I made a mod for Milda, so she can be more of herself. I don't own the model, just the texture parts of it. This here is actually a game, called Istaria.)

( Btw I made a references of her, and hopefully soon I will post it along with other artwork that is close being finished. )

Hello all, I know I haven't been posting much. Just been distracted lately, ^^. I've been working on my film with others, and it is going well. Have done a bit of art, but haven't finish those artwork I mention.

Also I know Halloween haves past, but I did do an animation that I didn't post on DA tho, made it over night of 31st... I gotten late, but I tried. :c Anyway you can find it here, if those want to see it, since I won't post it on DA:

It is a bit fast, and since I didn't had enough time, and gotten lazy. I just posted it anyway, but I have tried new things here with the zooming in, that is my first time doing that! I am actually proud on this cause how well it turned out, wish I done more but again not enough time and grown lazy. I found a new program to animate btw, but right now using Paint Tool Sai to finish animations, but mostly be using a program called FireAlpaca. Anyway let me know what you think, and if you do like it. Please give it a thumbs up. ^ ^

Now to the next part which is, I have been trying to look up more on anatomy lately and also thanks to my friend Berry on helping on that; she made a guide for me which is very helpful. I'm going to learn more about it, and learn 3D views etc for my art to improve more, but mostly for my comic book; since I really want to continue it...Since Cnder's story is really good! > <  I still have to make the references and such for my comic tho, but I don't really have anything to share on this since I haven't gone around to it, but I figure it it's still good to bring this up anyway how on what I have been trying to do. Also working on a second book cover for it, slowly..., I don't recall if I mention this before. :c But anyway those who would like to support me out on this, I updated my Kofi today and I was thinking of using it mainly for my novels and comics for now, and I am working on the new comic book cover, and my comic book real soon hopefully. So those who would like to give me a tip, can go on there. I will try to use Kofi more, I'll even post some sketches of animals and plants if people want to learn more of Cnder's world, and such. But yeah, let me know what you think also about this.

 Here is a link to my kofi btw: ( Also you don't have to tip me to just see it, my work will be public anyway, but those would like to offer to tip me can! )

Anyway I am actually making some sketches of Cnder's family and her interacting together, and hopefully soon with Angel's and so forth to make more interesting to show off their story? Some thing like that. But for this sake, it just be Cnder's for now. Cause I really want to work on that comic. > < So yeah. Let me know what you think on this tho.

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November 8, 2018
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