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The three musketeers of Scepter4

Just rewatched K project the other day and got into a nostalgic mood over this anime. My love for textures, shiny buildings and colorful filters come from seeing this masterpiece of art, even though I still can’t manage to do the backgrounds convincing enough. But I’m trying!
 As for the blues...aaaah....I don’t really like them. Well, okay, I love the Special Ops Squad and even Awashima (without the fanservice she would be total badass), but I’ve never come to like Munakata that much. Fushimi is best boy, no argue in that tho.
 I’m more of a red team enthusiast because ever since I was a kid I'm obsessed with red. But if any of these groups were real, I know I would probably avoid punks like those in Homra and because of my responsible, order-liking nature I would most likely choose the blues.


K project (c) Gora, Gohands
Art by Zsocca
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i really liked this anime. though i skipped all the romence moments
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Romance moments? Where? There is no romance in this anime's genre. XD