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Perspective is the keyword

So there was another ask on my tumblr.
So many people are enthusiastic about tall Poland it’s funny. I also got lots of asks about how tall Russia must be if I make Pol this tall, so I decided to put things into perspective.
I mean, of course Poland would look tall next to Hungary or his V4 companions, but when you put him next to larger countries….
I headcanon Russia to be at least a head higher than Poland. And look how small Czechia is compared to him! XD

Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz

Art by Zsocca
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Did you know Than Poland was Known as Paradise for Jews.I readed than when Jews first time came to Poland They see Name Poland (know to them as Polin or Polania)as good omen.Becouse In Hebrew Po mean there,lin mean rest(So there you will rest)And Polania is readed as Po(there)Lan(Lives),Ya,( God .first letter Of YHWH tetragram.Yahwe)I imagine Israel as Girl having Red Braided Hair (Why Red Hair Becouse in Past Spain and England believe than Redheads were Jews.See Red Hair on Wikipedia)England Family have Red Hair(Scotland and ireland)E:did you want tell me something? Scotland: you been adopted(they Put on This small caps and start dancing and singing in Hebrew)E:NOOOOOO! (he wakes up)what nightmare.

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Yes I know:D :D I had a class on Polish Jew society so I’m quite well informed on the topic. Jews has lived a good life in Poland until the partitions happened.

I like I as girl becouse in Europe they dont have National Clothes(they were dressed like another women)Wealthy merchants Buy expensive dresses for their wifes and daughters and show their wealth on Balls attended by Polish Kings or Nobles.(I imagine I in Ball gown.Ahistorical but why not.Po you looks like Princess.I:(blushing)After WW2 she try to become stronger,faster and smarter(She non stop Training :strong: :winner: :judge: ( she and Probably Hungary are only girls with 6packs )and she see her past as weakness. and who is giulty .Po(Its all his fault .he make me weak and he dont save ...all his fault:rage: :disbelief: (Meeting Po: hey Isia!I:dont speak to me pigman! why .(Maus But also Porco Rosso)P: you re so mean i more like when you call me your paradise and stuff.She( close her eyes ,clutching her fists and trembling):whisper: I:(Forget,forget it he do this again i feel weak)France :big brother See forbidden love.I:America is my boyfriend you idiot.F:more people in bed is be(She beats him unconscious)I:(Pointing finger on Po )you dont make me weak again!P:?

Did You know than Before WW2 many Polish Jews have Blonde Hair .I :What you insinuate We dont have Romance an ch-children .Apologize. Me Im Sorry im sorry.Its exist Theory than most of Jews came to Poland From Khazaria.(Not from West)nd Blondes were Slavic Slaves who were converted on religion of their masters.Before War Many Scientist In Poland Supported it saying than There was to Little J on West To create such Large Community in Poland.And Western Theory Was gain popularity in 60s

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Wish Hima could finally draw all V4 countries hanging out together. This is all I want right now and I'm waiting for this since... 8 years. lol

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YESSS!!! I want Hima to draw them too! They are such fun characters, they could do all kind of shenanigans and I would be so happy to see them interact in the series!

(Though for this to happen first Hima should get to understand how Central European dynamics work, because I have the impression he doesn't really know.) :/

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Yeah, I have a feeling too. I remember there was that one comic strip that really unnerved me (or rather what was written below it). It was about Poland and Italy being best friends because according to the surveys, Italians are one of the most liked nations by Poles. According to his description below the comic, he wondered why people from the Baltic states weren't included in the surveys. This made him think that the lack of them in the surveys is because: "for Poles, they already are like family".

This last line made me facepalm really hard. We barely have anything in common with the Baltic states (especially Latvia and Estonia). Sure, their lands were at some point part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth but it was the Germans and Scandinavians who had much bigger impact on their culture and religion. For most of Poles, the Baltic states are mysterious and we know very little about these countries. It always irks me how Hima often places Poland together with them (along with Belarus & Ukraine), like he was a part of Eastern European/Soviet gang, rather than Central European.

In this Strip is sayed than Polan and Italy know each other from Time of Reinassance.(Also Poland is mentioned in Italian Anthem and Italy in Polish )after WW2 General Maczek Proposed even Than Polish Forces will Crush Italian Communists who Want to Make Italy Communistic .but Italy Refused.Nations Have Many years and even if they dont meet to often with someone close to them they dont forget.

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Chodziło mi o to, że Hima błędnie wywnioskował, że Litwa, Łotwa i Estonia to kraje bardzo bliskie Polsce (niczym rodzina) tylko dlatego, że nie było tych narodów w ankiecie wśród najbardziej lubianych narodów przez Polaków.

I imagine Polish Lithuanian Relations in 20-30s of 20 century as (Lithuania boss:You cannot speak with Poland. Liet:Why? B:15 minutes and he Make you he,s wife again.L:Im Not that easy! and i was not his wife!!! .Poland:I take your Capitol from Russia and give it to you if we will marry again.Boss:I forbidde any UnIons !!!.P:Why did i was so Bad to you Liet.Liet Speak to Me .Later Poland Demand Contact :I demand Going Out With Liet To Cinema and Restaurants Or War! Boss:You Want make him your wife again !!! .L:I was not his Wife!

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It's funny he is concluding information upon things that are not in the surveys at all. XD What a logic!

Sometimes I think Hungary is also a little "misplaced". She is mostly shown with Austria as if he was the only country we ever interacted with, when in truth we had quite a few nations to fight with or against. (still crying about not getting that Poland-Hungary interaction. T-T)

Though it's interesting you guys don't have much contact with the Baltics, since you are basically neighbors, one would expect you are better acquainted. Are the relationships between Poland and these countries good by the way? (I'm just curious.)

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Hey! About Austria & Hungary it's totally the same like with Poland & Lithuania! (tho, I actually compre it to Sweden & Finland more). Poland doesn't have much development in contrast to Lithuania who is: Poland's partner, a Baltic state, Russia's slave and America's friend/worker. Poland is just one: Lithuania's buddy. 99% of his interactions are with Lithuania and his screen time is limited to Lithuania. This is something Hima should fix about Poland, if he even cares.

The only Baltic we border is Lithuania (it is also our shortest border). We used to border Latvia prior to WW2 and the only memorable moment we shared together was the Battle of Daugavpils in 1919/1920, which was the final battle of the Polish-Soviet War. We helped Latvians fight off the Soviets from their territory. A very underrated and forgotten battle, in fact. Sad, because just like the Winter War of Finland, it was one of those battles where Russians were defeated during winter (yeah, we fought Russians at -30°C!!!).

Except Germany, pretty much every country we border is a Slavic country, and there's also Lithuania with their ancient Baltic language. Unlike Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania was influenced by Polish culture. There are similarities in the cuisine, we both curse with "kurva" (although, Lithuanians obviously borrowed this word from us), some famous Poles had Lithuanian origins (like, Adam Mickiewicz, Józef Piłsudski, Czesław Miłosz) and we like to drink. Modern Lithuania is very unknown to us. I think Lithuania tries to have more in common with Scandinavia these days, slowly disavowing its past and connection with Poland.

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You should draw them more. Also, next wednesday, it´s Spa Wars!

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Awww Slovakia looks cute when scared... also poor him :hug:

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This cute boi must be protected! :3

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As always, V4 looks cute

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They are! I love them so much! :blowkiss:

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