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Birthday cupcake

By angelbunny32
Yay! It's my Birthday today 8D and I made this little guy for the special occasion =3

For all my watchers, I'm going to be takeing cupcake orders of this little guy =3 this is only for my watchers, to show how much I appreciate them watching me :heart:

You get to choose the frosting, batter, and candle =3

- choose the frosting color
- choose the batter color
- choose the candle stripes 1 & 2 or one solid color

This will be open till my birthday is over, witch will be open from (Now - June, 11, 10:00 pm) it's free to all my watchers to make an order.

And i'm not going to put up cupcakes that look the exact same.

Leave any orders down below. I hope all cupcake orders come out alright and all will wish me a Happy Birthday tomorrow >w<

>This cupcake is free to use by everyone and any cupcake orders will be free for eveyone to use too =3 All you have to do is fav it =3

Edit: this does not have to be faved to be used as an emoji, just when used as an avatar
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It's so cute! I used this for one of my status updates for my birthday. I'm terribly sorry that i forgot to ask you.
P.S. This is going in my Sweet Treats collection.
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Oh, that's fine~
It's free to use ^^
Nightmare-Rayna's avatar
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lol you're welcome Kotori Smile Icon 
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love cupcakes :)
angelbunny32's avatar
Thank you~ ,,^^,,
I love cupcakes too
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
Reminds me of Fluttershy.
angelbunny32's avatar
Awww thats cute ,,^^,, thank you~
It's probably because of the colors ,,◕◕,, lol
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AWW such a cute yummy cupcake! ^-^ I wish I knew how to make those! xD But this is amazing girly, I'm going to fave it c:
angelbunny32's avatar
Aww thank you ^w^ (gives you a cupcake) OwO
NaraLilia's avatar
Yay I get a cupcake!! ~(^-^)~
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MikuChan12345's avatar
angelbunny32's avatar
Oh no lol, not Mr.happy cupcake XD
Miss-Gravillian1992's avatar
Awww ♥ such a cute cupcake pixel
angelbunny32's avatar
Tehe Thank you :iconpinkierabbitplz:
puffball35's avatar
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lol ^w^ thank you so vary much :heart:
theyhim's avatar
Aw god I'm late ;v; Happy birthday!
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