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TrickSong: Christmas Holidays



Merry Christmas for the 25th, everyone! :D Sophie and the gang are having some fun building a snowman while Trick has a little nap X3

From left to right, for those who wanna know, is Hannah in the purple hat helping her little brother Teddy through the snow, then there's Sophie, Trick's the sqirrel that's asleep on the snowman and Brett's got some sticks for the arms ^^ Teddy wasn't there originally, but insisted to his mum that he wanted to go after they'd left, so she took him there and let Hannah help him the rest of the way.

They're all from my upcoming webcomic, TrickSong, which I've been working on for the past few months.

As for working on the pic itself, it took a few days, since I was trying a new shading style with gradients :3 I think it looks a lot better than my other celshaded pics :D I'm looking forward to next year, which'll be the start of TrickSong! :excited: Huge thanks to everyone who's supported me and my new styles so far, I love you guys loads :love:

Comments/faves are always very appreciated, and I hope everyone has a good time!
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It's so cute the part of Hannah and Teddy: thos are great siblings !!!!