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TrickSong: Christmas Holidays

By AngelBless
Merry Christmas for the 25th, everyone! :D Sophie and the gang are having some fun building a snowman while Trick has a little nap X3

From left to right, for those who wanna know, is Hannah in the purple hat helping her little brother Teddy through the snow, then there's Sophie, Trick's the sqirrel that's asleep on the snowman and Brett's got some sticks for the arms ^^ Teddy wasn't there originally, but insisted to his mum that he wanted to go after they'd left, so she took him there and let Hannah help him the rest of the way.

They're all from my upcoming webcomic, TrickSong, which I've been working on for the past few months.

As for working on the pic itself, it took a few days, since I was trying a new shading style with gradients :3 I think it looks a lot better than my other celshaded pics :D I'm looking forward to next year, which'll be the start of TrickSong! :excited: Huge thanks to everyone who's supported me and my new styles so far, I love you guys loads :love:

Comments/faves are always very appreciated, and I hope everyone has a good time!
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It's so cute the part of Hannah and Teddy: thos are great siblings !!!!
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Thank you very much! :D
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You're welcome, you made a great job. By the way, I know this is so random but: WOULD YOU LIKE TO WATCH SOME VIDEOS I HAVE MADE FOR YOU TUBE???

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Yaaay!!! It looks absolutely fantastic!! i love how the colouring gives the picture more of a kick then flats!! *.* this really makes me smile<3 what a fun winter scene!! -wants snow to-
AngelBless's avatar
Thanks! :D Hehe, we can't seem to get rid of the snow now we've got it XD;;;
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Trick is so cute :iconimseriousplz:
AngelBless's avatar
omg you're back? O:


MISSED YOU!!!!! :iconnewglomp:
iron-lace's avatar
Using gradients looks really good. like how it is all faded in the distance

Trick must be cold sleeping on a snowman!!!!
AngelBless's avatar
Thanks ^^ Hehe, if he gets cold I'm sure he'd just end up hiding either in Sophie's coat or under Hannah's hat X3
Xanthera's avatar
That is positively ADORABLE. Everything about this is gorgeous. The colors, the background, the characters, it all just falls together really nicely, and is frankly just fun to look at.

I think my favorite thing about this is the subtlety of a few smaller details that make it really come to life. I could list a number of them, but the one that caught my attention were the little wisps of breath in the cold air. You even gave a little tiny one to Trick! So cute! :aww:

This is too perfect not to fave. :+fav:
AngelBless's avatar
Thanks! :D And yay, you noticed the breath I added to everyone! ^__^ I was wondering if anyone'd notice that, hehe X3

I think I'm gonna try and make all my celshade pics like this from now on, it was definately more than worth the time :w00t:
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Too cute for words. Definitely the best work you've done (and see? You can do backgrounds).
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ahh gradient cell shading is fun! it's been years since I gave it a shot though - you seem to have taken to it really well though! :)

I actually really like the line work on this one! it's nicely varied and coloured too!^_^
AngelBless's avatar
Thanks! ^^ I'm really surprised how well the gradients turned out, I'm glad you like it :3
Pinkaila's avatar
Oh wow XD great BG, what a lovely scene X3
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