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MPM: After the Phone Card

By AngelBless
Hahaa, look who's back! After a stylistic redesign, one of my fave game characters has been drawn once more!

In order to find the phone card needed to leave the space lab and shut it down, Professor Mariarti must head into space, protected by a nice bowl of warm cereal, where he much fight space invaders in order to find what he needed. There was a loooot to do to get this far in the level, but boy was it fun! :dance: There was also an awesome reference when you went to the phone box the phone card went with ;3

This is my second pic done with vector lineart. The angle didn't look as dynamic as I'd hoped, but I still love how it turned out ^^

Bit of trivia for you guys. If you type in either 'mad professor mariarti' or 'terramex game' into a dA search, you'll only find pics I've drawn. Guess I'm the first and only one on here to give these games some love! X3 If I'm wrong, please prove me wrong, I'd love to see more art! <3

(I say 'terramex game', 'cause some people on dA use 'terramex' as usernames/other meanings)

Enjoy! Even tho' it's an obscure bit of nostalgia X3 I just love the ideas in this game so much ^.^
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Ah yeah, the good ol' space level. :) I usually play that one second (after the computer lab), and by that point have enough tokens saved-up to pick up the lasergun part-way through the level - so much easier than throwing wrenches at everything.

It took me quite a while to realize that I could skip the right-most outer-space screens by dropping down from a certain platform to get near the card, rather than following the platforms all the way around.

Of course, now the pedantic part of me is wanting to point out how you've got the platforms arranged differently than in the actual level, but that's not really the point of the pic. :)
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Hehe, yeah, I had to jumble the platforms about to get it remotely fitting into the picture. Of course, I never realised until I got the layout and perspective looking good that they were off XD

I never skipped the extra platforms, mainly 'cause I found it pretty easy to get past the space invaders as long as I had something stronger than the spanner (fireball was my fave).

And thank you very much for faving all my Mad Professor Mariarti pics, I really appreciate it :D
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I've largely forgotten what the right-most portion of the rooftop screens looked like, 'cause I've been skipping those platforms for so long, and on my version (Atari ST) there's no horizontal scrolling, so they're on separate discrete screens from where you can jump down and snag the card.

By the way, this pic is now the wallpaper on my phone. :)
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Yeah, that's the same with my version, which is pretty much the reason why I never tried jumping down. I usually landed on something bad whenever I did that XD

Ohh, awesome! :D
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Wait, I thought you said you had the Acorn version? From what I've seen online, both that and the Amiga one had horizontal scrolling, but not vertical.
Of the versions I've seen, only the Atari ST one had no scrolling at all, just discrete screens.
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Yeah, I meant I didn't drop down to get the phone card because even tho' it scrolls as I'm walking across a screen, it doesn't when I fall.

Also, I think I got Atari and Amiga mixed up in my head ^^; I was tired when I read it.
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Right, right... having played the ST version, myself, I still had the worry from dropping down, and indeed it took me a few tries to figure out where to do the drop.

All I was saying before was that, since my version didn't even do the side-to-side scrolling, I haven't seen the right-most screens' platforms in quite some time, 'cause I keep jumping down, never entering those screens, thus never seeing even a hint of their contents.

I must say, in some places throughout the game, it seems like the level design would be easier to follow in the scrolling versions.
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