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By AngelaSasser

I actually have a proper Calendar of Events on my site now!  Even so, I'll be updating this journal for those who know no worlds beyond DeviantART.  Feel free to drop on by and say hello at any of these events! And remember, if you say "Elves just smell better", I'll give you a little discount:D

If you have any requests for any particular prints or art at the shows I'm attending, let me know!

May 14-15 - 43rd Annual Old Courthouse Art Show, Fayetteville, GA
-- My very first art fair! I'll be manning a booth selling original artwork, masks, prints, books, keychains, and other trinkets.  Would love to see any local faces there!:D

September 2-5 - DragonCon in Atlanta
-- No table this year! (On the wait list for Dealer's room, keeping fingers crossed)  But I'll have a large bay in the art show full of art and masks as well as a full selection of prints in the Print Shop!

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jeriweaver's avatar
What a nifty little calender you have on your site! I love it.

Also, I saw your book looks so awesome! Congrats again
AngelaSasser's avatar
Yesss! Wordpress plugins are wonderful things (when they don't give you weird errors, anyways).

Woo glad you guys got a chance to check it out! I'm so excited to see what people do with it. :excited:
WarFalcon's avatar
What do you mean "elves just smell better"? Elves just ARE better! :XD:
JessicaDouglas's avatar
Mmm hey is steph still running awa's art show? Think you could get me in touch with her? I know we had problems last year but it really wasn't bad enough for me to want to not show at all...
AngelaSasser's avatar
I think she keeps in touch with folks mainly through the AWA forum. Try her there, perhaps? The link to the art show section is here:
Arrow-Quivershaft's avatar
Hrm. Need to get you to a convention I go to... ;P
AngelaSasser's avatar
That would be pretty groovy! Once I get more of a cashflow, I hope to expand out of state a little more so perhaps it'll happen at some point:)
Arrow-Quivershaft's avatar
As it stands, I only go to two conventions a year, both of them furry, so we'll see. ;P
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Oh man getting to attend Comic-con would be freaking incredible!
AngelaSasser's avatar
I knooow! We were going to attend just for fun this year, but by the time we figured our budget, they'd already sold out of two days! Tickets go fast, like within the first few days. Must be quicker next year! We might need roomies if you ever want to fanagle going there too *nudge nudge*

Hopefully my art will be there, at least!
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Dude TOTALLY! If yall plan in advance and manage to get a block of tickets and a room, I will totally pay you back and get myself a damn plane ticket. Cuz seriously.. it's comic con.. if I actually know people there, how can I NOT go? lol

You know.. now that I think about it, I don't think I've actually been to a con that I didn't have to work... it would be a change lol
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