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EDIT:  It's amost 2011 now, this offer is now moot unless anyone wants old calendars for the prints inside them!

In Addition, I've just found an old 2009 8x10 regular sized calendar that I'd like to get rid of, as it's going out of date.  It's a great source of high quality prints that I'll let go for $10 ($20 if you'd like a 5x7 ink sketch included).  Also free shipping within the US and also signed on every page so you can frame each one individually.  Please take it off my hands!</i>

If you've had your eye on my calendar of classic work, then this is a chance you can't miss!  
:shop8800174: AoAS Series I Calendars by AngelaSasser

I've gotten my hands on four miniature 2010 calendars with a shiny metallic gold wire spine.  These are roughly 5x7 in. when closed and open up to a full size for display on your wall at 7x11 in.  They're the perfect size to fit in any corner of your room, dorm, or otherwise!

In addition, I'll be sending these with an original 5x7 in. ink sketch of a subject of your choice! (generic suggestions and no fanart only, please.  Sketches will have a minimalistic background)  Calendars will also be autographed on each page by the artist.  When you're done with it at the end of the year, tear out the pages for framing. A calendar should never go to waste!

Example Ink Sketch:
Dance of Parted Flame by AngelaSasser

How much is this fine thing, you ask?  For an autographed mini-calendar AND original sketch, the price is $25 with FREE shipping within the US.  For international shipping, we'll sort things out via note.

I only have 4 total. Get em while they're hot! Note me or comment here to secure your calendar and sketch.:)

Mini-Calendars + Ink Sketch
1. sonettie Paid - Sketch Info (pending)
2. n/a
3. n/a
4. n/a

Regular Sized 2009 Calendar
1. Catem

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HiddenRelevance's avatar
That would be so much fun, but I am flat out BROKE and was just informed that my credit card limit was cut down from nearly $6k in open credit to $60 in open credit... so it's not like I even have a cushion. *pouts*
AngelaSasser's avatar
Sorry to hear that hon! Sounds like a stressful time. Just take it easy and gather your forces. :petting:
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Yeah, I'm definietly trying to stay non-stressed. My budget is like down to the dollar which is freaky, but I must say I'm far more organized than every before lol
crimsonvermillion's avatar
I am poor, and have no 25$ but I wanted to stop in and give you a :hug: for suggesting that people use the art in your calendar as prints after the year is over. GO LADYDOVE7! I sometimes feel like every artist is so full of themselves and forget that people have limited budgets but are still willing to pay for their artwork. It is clear that you respect that and it is just awesome to see how nice you are to your fans.

AngelaSasser's avatar
Aw thanks:) I'm always happy to prolong the life of calendars. It'd be such a waste of trees and art to throw them away! If you're wanting something a bit cheaper, I've just found an older calendar that I'm trying to get rid of for $10. Might be of interest to you :D
crimsonvermillion's avatar
Is it the same art as the mini calendars or something else?

AngelaSasser's avatar
sonettie's avatar
my question would be could you put one on hold if I could try and save for one? it would take me two weeks though, I know you need the money for stuff too! D:
AngelaSasser's avatar
I've set a slot to be reserved for you:)
sonettie's avatar
sweetness I'll start my saving right now :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Don't forget to ponder on a sketch prompt for me too:) A few simple prompts or welcome or I can just draw whatever comes to mind for you. Happy saving!
sonettie's avatar
oh true that! xD I'll more thank likely toss my character vinni at you. [I must save faster o.o; ]
AngelaSasser's avatar
sounds fun! Just link me to some references (or note me a description) and I'll start as soon as payment is received :)
sonettie's avatar
-.- I'm going to say give me till new years if its possible.
If I don't have the payment to you by then let someone else have it.
I'm having such a horrid time trying to come up with money :doh:
AngelaSasser's avatar
No worries! I don't mind keeping it for you till then:) I understand the season can be reaaally slow for income.
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That's perfectly alright:) This offer is open till the calendars are gone!
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