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By AngelaSasser

My latest poll led to a startling revelation for me that many of you had no clue that I have more accounts on DA than this one!  So for all you newcomers, or folks who simply didn't have a clue, here is a list of all my incarnations on DeviantART, with the exception of clubs I curate or have founded, which can be seen here.

:iconangelasasser: - AngelaSasser - My Art Account

This is my main account and the one I check the most often. If you cannot reach me on any of the others, prod this one first and I should respond faster. This account holds all of my artwork, art-related jewelry, and art video tutorials.

One Winged Angel by AngelaSasser Archangel Series-Uriel by AngelaSasser Dreaming Butterfly by AngelaSasser

:iconangelasasser-story: - AngelaSasser-story - My Writing Account

This account houses all of my essays, poetry, short stories, and comic strips (including the rather surprisingly popular Rapunzel comic). As a double major, English was my second love and I adore it no less than I adore drawing.

Disguising the MaskDisguising the Mask: Batman the Trickster
“…it rose into space, its wings spread wide, then fell, its wings now a fluttering cape wrapped tight about the body of a man.”- Frank Miller, Batman: Year One.
For years, he has been a seminal figure among comic book heroes. He is the masked avenger of Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Detective Comics, the Dark Knight of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, and a memorable inspiration among pop culture icons since his inception in 1939 (Steranko 42). At first, he was created solely as a reaction to provide a foil to DC’s straight arrow Superman; but as his popularity grew and continued, there appeared something deeper in his stories, something endearing. The Batman, a figure swathed in black, captured our imagination with his singular quest for vengeance and uniquely inspiring look. In the once flourishing uptown of the dilapidated metropolis of Gotham city, gunshots rang out changing the life of young Bruce Wayne, who swor
Rapunzel Comic 12 by AngelaSasser-story Hidden Wounds
"I cannot die."
The memory of the angel's voice cut through the fog of remembrance with the force of what seemed like an entire lifetime she'd forgotten.
All her thoughts froze at the sight of her fingers after she had absently wiped her nose. She wiped her nose again to find the same red substance present on her fingertips. It couldn't be blood, could it? Angelina frantically searched around, her eyes finally finding the dried spots of brown blood that dotted her pillow case and her night gown. She rushed to the bathroom, which was thankfully just through the shutter doors across from her bed. The light clicked on illuminating the pink marble walls and the mirror reflecting her haggard form. Angelina stared in shock at herself, at the stained cotton nightgown, at the little stream of blood that had mingled with the sweat on her chest most likely from the severe nosebleed she'd received while she was asleep. As she leaned forward over the cold sink to wash herself, she suddenly

:iconthemuseslibrary: - themuseslibrary - My Stock Art Account

This account collects my stock photography which can be used for artistic reference and photo manipulation. My Stock terms of use do apply.

Geisha Sword PACK 2 by themuseslibrary Butterfly House 8 by themuseslibrary Pirate Trio-2 by themuseslibrary

:iconangelasasser-photos: - AngelaSasser-photos - My Art Photography Account

This account holds my forays into artistic photography. Yes, it is mostly floral photography and skylines, but there may be more emotive portraits up soon.  There are some embarrassing photos of me doing cosplay in this account if you dig deep enough.

Lone Warrior by AngelaSasser-photos Azalea Wallpaper by AngelaSasser-photos Familiar Ceiling by AngelaSasser-photos

:iconangelic-artisan: - Angelic-Artisan - My Sculpture, Masks, & Jewelry Account

This account houses all art which does not fall under the category of 2D or photography.  Specifically, stay tuned for leather, clay and feather masks, figural sculpture, original jewelry designs, and more! I started this account tonight and it is sad and without Watchers or comments. Why not drop by and help de-virginize it?

January's Mask II (Featuring Girltripped) by Angelic-Artisan Butterfly in a Jar by Angelic-Artisan Luna Moth in Chains Necklace v2 by Angelic-Artisan

:new::iconangelicremains: - angelicremains - My Adult & Mature Illustration

As a courtesy to my fans here who appreciate a separation of adult themes from more family friendly art, this account was created to house my mature and erotic art for adults only!

Mature Content

Moonlit Farewell by angelicremains

Mature Content

Murderer's Home by angelicremains
Dangle by angelicremains

Image hosted by

|Elfwood|Epilogue|Fanfiction net|

© 2009 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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Stephanie-Chivas's avatar
I had no idea you had so many different accounts :0 added a couple to my watch list tho and can't wait til. I finish college on weds so I can have a good look thru them :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks for following me on those other accounts!  I'm a bit of an organization squirrel so I split those interests up. I didn't want to end up spamming people here who might not be interested in those other things or say have people confused about what's stock art and what's just regular 'ol no-use art.  I hope you enjoy the other accounts once you get a chance to peruse them!  Good luck with finishing school!:)
Stephanie-Chivas's avatar
It's no problem. It's a good idea to get them all in order like that, especially where it is between stock art and non-stock art as that can get confusing. Finally getting a chance to sit down on my comp today since I've finished college last week so hoping to get a few things done on DA while I'm here :)
Charlemaine's avatar
erm. and what, pray tell, be that favourite shiny thing?

that's certainly more organization than most of us will ever see on our own page/s. nice.
AngelaSasser's avatar
If I told you, the crows would hear<_< It's something I wear everyday.
Charlemaine's avatar
hmm ok. (will keep guessing)

its probly smthg like a pendant or charm bracelet rite? do tell me its smthg ordinary before my mind gets...err...hyperactive again. =P
AngelaSasser's avatar
eheh don't tell the crows<_<: [link]
Charlemaine's avatar
*gasp* wow exquisite.
kay i wont tell =)
HiddenRelevance's avatar
I guess I'd never realized you had the art photography account.. beyond that, I was already watching all but the new one lol
kdeln's avatar
Helping deflower a ladydove7 account? I'm there! *waggles eyebrows*
MarthaPArt's avatar
lol i have like two other accounts too...I was actually thinking about making one for my writing
Asura-Valkyrie's avatar
My god you have alot of accounts. :O
AngelaSasser's avatar
Ahah yup indeed! Had most of them for years now and it's actually rather interesting watching how popular certain accounts are in comparison to others. Art and stock get the most attention while photography and writing seem to be a little harder to get attention with.
Asura-Valkyrie's avatar
Indeed. I have noticed that is the case as well when I'm searching around for cool stuff. Jewelry is somewhere around the middle in that respect.
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