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By AngelaSasser

I am involved with the following clubs.  If you know of a club that I might be interested in, feel free to suggest one!  I'm always looking for active clubs to participate in.:heart:



Artisan Crafts

Comic Books

Fandoms & Fan Clubs






I am the Curator of:

I am the Founder of:


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Charlemaine's avatar
ermm. don't u hv enough already? :P
AngelaSasser's avatar
Can never have enough clubs as long as they're all interesting:D
AngelaSasser's avatar
Aah I've been looking through the art nouveau one lately. Considering that's how I found you, I really should join. Seems like a great place to find like minds and lovely arts:D
Ethelie's avatar
yea its a nice one
how fortunate of you ^^
Exillior's avatar
Gosh, that's a lot of clubs!! :lol:
AngelaSasser's avatar
Ahah yeah I've gathered my fair share over the years here XD I fear when groups goes live, I'll be adding and starting even more:D They're so much fun.
Exillior's avatar
Lol, yeah, me too, I'm kind of holding back right now and I know I'll go on a rampage when the new group system comes in :lol:
zananeichan's avatar
I see you like elfies :boogie: :-)
AngelaSasser's avatar
haha always have:)
zananeichan's avatar
aww thanks (((hugs))) :-)
:love: :-)
Kei-Flox's avatar
:icondaydreamersrealm: (Yes, I'm pimping my own club to you ;)) might be a good fit for you, dear. Anything fantasy-related is welcome.
AngelaSasser's avatar
groovy thanks! I think I may hold off on joining any more till Groups gets going. I think that's coming out fairly soon!
HeroOfLight's avatar
nice list of clubs:highfive:
Abaddon-ShadowAngel's avatar
i dunno any clubs, nor do i belong to one...
AngelaSasser's avatar
They're alot of fun and can provide alot of inspiration actually. I've met a few good friends through some of these clubs.
Abaddon-ShadowAngel's avatar
*nods* cool, how do you join one?
AngelaSasser's avatar
Easily! In most cases you simply note them with the subject "Join" and add them to your watch. Most clubs like it if you put their icon in your journal (as I've done here), but it's not required.

It's best to check each club's front page gallery and journal to see how best to join and submit things. They're all alot of fun if you can find an active one:)
Abaddon-ShadowAngel's avatar
... okee-dokes, i shall give it a try, thanks
kdeln's avatar
If you haven't looked into it, m'dear, you might want to give *workgroups a looksee sometime. I've joined them now and then, and they have a nice system. The club is designed to create small workgroups of up to 6 people, and you all give constructive feedback on each others' work for... two or three months I think. After that the group is dissolved and you can request a new one. They're grouped by catergories such as drawing, fantasy, anime, etc. I found it really fun to comment on everyone's work and leave feedback, since my group mates were all very eager for feedback.

Never got much myself though, as I don't submit regularly XD A few people went and commented through my gallery though, which was nice.
genwu's avatar
wow that does sound pretty cool...never thought of a group like that, i may end up giving it a try, so thanks for the info :aww: (sry Ang. for really having nothing to do with your journal ^^;)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Ah yes I remember that group! It seems like a really good idea, but I have enough on my hands already commenting on only 1/3rd of my devwatch and replying to my own comments, so I'll have to pass on that one. If I ever get more free time on my hands, I'll join up.
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