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I've finally written up the MASTER PLAN for my Ladies of the Months project and holy cow do I have my work cut out for me! This year is going to be lots of cramming and art hustling.

I'm more than a little intimidated, but I need to have faith in this. I've had so many great mentors and teachers along the way giving me advice and encouragement. I'm ready for this!

I've been pouring my heart and soul into these paintings and their eventual form as a book for the past few years and I'm ready to push them to the next level as soon as this last Lady is complete! I can't wait to see them as a beautiful, cohesive whole!

For those of who have been sticking with me on Patreon throughout this whole journey so far, you're the best! The whole plan is detailed there in a public post for those who want to dive into the nitty-gritty details of publication with me.

Hold on to your butts, 2018! We've only just begun!

(Just one more Lady to goooooo and the birthstone sets will be complete!)

Ladies of the Months Series by AngelaSasser

Ladies of the Months Mask Series by Angelic-Artisan
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January 29, 2018


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