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I am posting this journal to be a permanent fixture herewith to explain, in as simple terms as possible, what can and cannot be done with my artwork.  I will be linking to this journal in all of my descriptions from now on.  This journal may be linked to if you happen to stumble upon any questionable works involving my art so that the DA staff will understand my terms of use.

What you CAN do with my art:

:bulletpurple:  You CAN download and view for your own personal enjoyment on your own computer

:bulletpurple:  You CAN share it on your blog/website/forum for display and enjoyment purposes only when proper credit is given (ie. my name, Angela R. Sasser and/or website,, listed near the image or in a place where it will be easily associated with the relevant image)

:bulletpurple:  You CAN do fanart of my characters as long as you are original in your composition and are not merely tracing pictures of mine (or of other people!).  I would like to be notified of any fan works based on my characters so I may enjoy them:) (NOTE. You CANNOT sell prints of fan art of my characters without my permission!)

:bulletpurple:  You CAN print my art out for personal enjoyment on plain printer paper.  If you want to support me as an artist so I can keep providing you with pretties to enjoy, I encourage you to buy higher quality collectible prints here on DA or signed and limited edition prints at my website's store.

:bulletpurple:  You CAN download free wallpapers to be used on your desktop here on DA and at my website.

What you CANNOT do with my art

:bulletred:  You CANNOT trace, color, or alter any of the images in my gallery without PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT.  Any derivative works made without permission will be reported. Works which copy my images exactly or are merely my images with the colors tweaked are NOT endorsed without my permission. My art IS NOT Stock. I do, however, have a stock account which you may use for your projects if you agree to my stock terms of usage.

Exception! You may color any of my images which have been submitted to :iconcolor-me-club: or which I have given you personal permission to color on this journal entry.  

You may leave your requests to color line art or alter my work on this journal where I will grant or deny permission publicly in a comment which can be linked to as proof of my consent.  

IF you are not granted consent in a comment on this journal entry than you DO NOT have my consent!

:bulletred:  You CANNOT sell or resell prints of my work, whether they be prints you made yourself or ones you ordered off of DA.  You must have my expressed written permission to do so.  

:bulletred:  You CANNOT use my work for avatars, tubes, signatures, tattoo designs, stationary, etc. You may not alter them with sparklies, blinking colors, or anything of this nature.  Any images which I have put up for adoption at EMG's Portrait Adoption are the exception to this rule and are available for exclusive use only.

:bulletred:  You CANNOT post my work on your website/blog/forum if you do not credit me directly!  This also counts for Photobucket, Flickr, and any other service.

In the end, if you are unclear about any of these guidelines, please note or email me with your questions!  I normally do not mind people coloring my work or sharing it as long as they ask first.  I promise I don't bite...much:innocent:

These terms are subject to change at my sole discretion.

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Hello LadyDove7, I was looking at your lineart and I windered if I could have your permission to color a few (or more) of them for my own personal enjoyment. I can't really tell you the exact ones, because I'm not sure just yet. You see, I am 62 and I color for my health and for the FUN of it! When I say I color for my health, i mean: I have severe rhuematoid arthritis and severe osteoporosis, and a bone disease that is causing my bones to kind of dissolve-to make a long story short, I take alot of pain medications(too much I think but I have to if I want to stay functioning) and I am tired of having to take more and larger doses so I had to find a way to help me deal physically and psychologically with all the pain- I came up with COLORING! The best pain medication ever!! If I am hurting really badly I start to color and soon I am relaxing and having fun and not having to take extra pain medication. I color alot with my Grandkids-now that is fun!! All the memories I have of growing up and getting a new color book and a new box of colors! So for me coloring is so very important physically and mentally-it helps me deal with pain and depression and most of all it helps me get closer and stay closer to my 10 BEAUTIFUL GRANDKIDS!! So I would really appreciate getting your permission to color some of your lineart pictures. PLEASE? Thank you for reading my "novel"-sorry that this has been so lng. God Bless.