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By AngelaSasser
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I've been on a list making roll lately, but I promise this one will be fun and informative!  This list will be a guide for all those who are wishing to draw my characters, are just curious about my various creations, and for those who need references for art trading with me.  

Due Credit:
The characters presented here are all of my own creation mostly for fanfictions I've written, original stories, or from various RPGs such as Vampire the Masquerade, Dungeons and Dragons, and the like which I have participated in.  If you plan to use them in any way, you must ask my permission (email or note me) and also give me credit as they are all © to me, Angela Sasser aka. AngelaSasser.

Be sure this guide will be regularly updated.

:heart:=Creator's Favorites

:heart:Alastor Veneev-Dungeons and Dragons (Forgotten Realms)-Aasimar Cleric of Sune
Alastor First Sketch by AngelaSasser Alastor Lvl 5 Color Draft by AngelaSasser

Andvari-The Sacred Age-Shofar Mercenary
The Circle and the Dance Ch3
The Circle and the Dance Chapter 3: Dual Fates
The Circle and the Dance
Chapter 3:  Dual Fates
 Hathor watched him as they walked.  It was nearly nightfall
and they had only walked a full day's length.  Andvari pressed forward,
always walking ahead of them.  Hathor scanned his figure over as he
strode onward.  She was amazed at what she saw.  All his cuts
and bruises were healed with only a mere day's worth of rest!  The
lacerations were faded to slight brown welts that showed up against his
henna skin.  Was it not just a few hours ago that she had seen him
lying weak in a merciless coma?  Hathor knew he had a healing factor
that allowed him to recover faster, but this was impossible, unbelievable.
 Finally, she found the voice to ask him.  "How did you do
 Andvari responded to her without turning around, "Do what?"
 "Well..."  She stuttered to find words for it. "That!!!" 

:heart:Arashiko-Dragonball Z-Saiyan Elite Bodyguard
Child of the Storm Ch3
Child of the Storm
Chapter 3: Born of the Dragon
She didn't know how much time passed after that, everything seemed to blend together into eternity. Overhead, the storm still wailed and raged. Black clouds swirled violently in the once amber pure sky. Rain poured down over Arashiko and washed away some of the blood and dirt that her body lay in. Failure, she was a failure, she had failed the ones she cared most about and they would surely die because of it. She had been defeated utterly and devastatingly. She could have cried the rest of her life away there on the blood and rain-soaked ground, but she no longer had the strength to cry. So she let the heavens cry for her. Raindrops landed softly on her face and streaked down her cheeks, echoing the paths of the tears she couldn't cry. Around her, lightening flashed wildly as if the heavens themselves were opening to take her soul to oblivion. Arashiko closed her eyes and waited for death, there was nothing else to do. When s
Arashiko Splash Page by AngelaSasser:thumb2564758::thumb2536124::thumb2354266: Forms of Arashiko by AngelaSasser:thumb2228532::thumb354315::thumb8109842:

:heart:Aurora-Shadowrun-Elven Street Samurai
Dreaming Butterfly by AngelaSasser Crazy Aurora Remix by AngelaSasser Come Here Full Version by AngelaSasser:thumb351298: Aurora Was Here by AngelaSasser Early Sketch of Aurora by AngelaSasser Aurora Character Study by AngelaSasser

Boom Boom-Shadowrun-Elven Demolition Expert
Boom Boom by AngelaSasser

Brana-Dragonball Z-Child of the Storm-Third Class Saiyan Ginyu
Brana Nightbells by ladydove7 by femalesaiya-jins

Celebal Celeron-Reboot-Viral Codemaster
Celebal Celeron by AngelaSasser

:heart:The Cowboy (Daniel Smith)-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
The Cowboy by AngelaSasser

David Becker-Shadowrun-Samurai Mercenary, Cyborg Assassin
Death Walker by AngelaSasser

The Fury (Bartholomi de la Furia)-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
The Furie by AngelaSasser

Enoch-The Sacred Age-Langee Head Mage

Gimmick-Shadowrun-Elven Illusionist Mage
Gimmick by AngelaSasser

Hathor-The Sacred Age-Loreahl Mercenary
Wounded Hathor by AngelaSasser The Circle and the Dance Ch2 by AngelaSasser

Helena-The Sacred Age-Langee Warrior Knight
Helena Knight of the Crescent by AngelaSasser

Isadora-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Lasombra
Beauty of the Night by AngelaSasser

Kaioden-(Character Biography)-Dragonball Z-Child of the Storm-Alien Ginyu Commander

:heart:Keoto-Dragonball Z-Child of the Storm-Saiyan Elite Soldier

Mature Content

Stolen Kiss-Wallpaper by AngelaSasser

Lee Kailin-Shadowrun-Elven Street Samurai/Knight Errant
Black Knight Errant Revised by AngelaSasser

Lucia-Shadowrun-Elven Mage/Ninja
Lucia Rough Sketch by AngelaSasser

:heart:Melakim-(Biography)-Tenebra/Exodus RPG-Cursed Hunter
Melakim-First Sketch by AngelaSasser Melakim-Weapon Study by AngelaSasser Melakim-Portrait Study by AngelaSasser BIO-Tenebra Ed.-Melakim Fahre by AngelaSasser Broken Chains by AngelaSasser Melakim-Shadow Kin by AngelaSasser

Mercadia-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Lasombra
Mercadia by AngelaSasser

Midori Knight-Shadowrun-Physical Adept Assassin
Midori Knight by AngelaSasser

Mina (Kim Kailin)-Human Street Samurai
Kim Kailin by AngelaSasser Mina Sketch by AngelaSasser

Natalia-The Sacred Age-Langee Warrior Chieftan
Natalia the Aldaan Sha by AngelaSasser:thumb457723: Natalias Medallion by AngelaSasser The Fate of All Saviors by AngelaSasser

Nava-The Sacred Age-Staleetran Warrior Chieftan
Nava Seal by AngelaSasser Nava in the Mists by AngelaSasser

Nelina Baptista-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
:thumb374270: Mask of A Thousand Faces by AngelaSasser

:new:Nikolai Faa-(Biography)</b>-Mist Traveler (Original Story)-Immortal Gypsy
Nikolai-Smoke and Mirrors by AngelaSasser

Nynia Mathias-Vampire the Masquerade:  Dark Ages-Clan Gangrel
Nynias Vampiric Form by AngelaSasser Nynias Bonding by AngelaSasser

:heart:Oberon (Katsuro Oshino)-Shadowrun-Elven Street Samurai/Assassin
Oberon King of Shadows by AngelaSasser

Phalen da' Alan-Dungeons and Dragons-High Elf Knight
Phalen Da Alan by AngelaSasser

Ramah Sirhaan-Exodus RPG-Werewolf Knight-(Biography)
BIOGRAPHY-Ramah Sirhaan by AngelaSasser

Razael-The Sacred Age-Elemental Spirit
Rage of Razael by AngelaSasser

Ryuichi-(Biography)-Dragonball Z-Alien Ginyu General

Ry Phirunaden-(Biography)-Elven Mercenary War Criminal
BIOGRAPHY-Ry Phirunaden by AngelaSasser Wing Cutter-Lineart by AngelaSasser

Serra Galashal-Dungeons and Dragons (Forgotten Realms)-Fire Elemental Warrior
Mad Genasi by AngelaSasser Prayer Before Battle-WIP by AngelaSasser

Shalah-The Sacred Age-Staleetran Oracle
Shalah the Prophet by AngelaSasser

Shanna Coll-Dungeons and Dragons-Half-Elf Thief
Shanna Half-Elf Thief by AngelaSasser

:heart:Shonqua-The Sacred Age / The Sacred Age-War Goddess
Shonqua Concept Art by AngelaSasser The Sword of Shonqua by AngelaSasser

:heart:Sophie-Marie la Croix de Sailles-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
Sophia the Hidden by AngelaSasser Sophia Character Study by AngelaSasser Nosferatu Reflection by AngelaSasser Sophia Colored Still Butt Ugly by AngelaSasser

Zalan-The Sacred Age / The Sacred Age-Goddess of Wisdom and Light

Zane-Vampire the Masquerade-Caitiff Seer
:thumb491680: Zane Sketch by AngelaSasser

:heart:Zorn-Dragonball Z-Die for Glory, Live for Honor-Saiyan Elite Advisor
:thumb3789304::thumb7666651::thumb3699300::thumb4856392::thumb3606225: Zorn Study Detail by AngelaSasser
© 2004 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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DemonicSaiyan's avatar
lol they look incredible i like zorn though he looks like a especially with the shades he looks like he's mocking you..saying ''yeah you know im better then you..'' but there all incredible...^.^..
AngelaSasser's avatar
ahah well he used to be a playa in the old he's just desperateXD Glad you like him. I haven't drawn him in ages, poor thing.
DemonicSaiyan's avatar
lol they look incredible i like zorn though he looks like a especially with the shades he looks like he's mocking you..saying ''yeah you know im better then you..'' but there all incredible...^.^..
kyan's avatar
damn, i think you've got even more characters than I do! and that's saying a lot. whoot!
AngelaSasser's avatar
And to think I've left some off of here because they haven't been illustrated yet. Ah yes, my brain is a crowded place:crazy:
Cosmiccastaway's avatar
You play forgotton realms? sweet! I love the realms!
AngelaSasser's avatar
yeaaaah I love the races of Forgotten Realms. I haven't played that in a year, but I'm currently playing a D&D 3.5 game as a half elf! She, too, will soon be added to this monstrous character list!
Cosmiccastaway's avatar
Yay! I have not played 3.5 in a while. *sigh* But I am learning advanced rules. all things considerd Avanced is kewl but give me 3.5 any day.
sssaml3's avatar
Definitely worth the wait!!!

Once I have ALOT of time on my hands, I'll be sure to read ALL of your stories! These thumbnails make me wanna do it right now, but I can't. Time, it's all about time...

This may sound weird, but seeing this has inspired me to learn HTML. But, it'll have to wait. Time...
AngelaSasser's avatar
lol wow...good luck..I have ALOT of storiesO_O
sssaml3's avatar
lol I'll probably only get to them in 5 years time, if I'm lucky. I'm always busy busy busy... but I WILL read them all!
leo-darkheart's avatar
HOLY SHIKAKA! are all of these your characters?!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Yup! All these are mine^^ And I even left a few of the minor ones outO_O I've accumulated this list over years of brainstorming..hehehe:D
Ugly-Bunny's avatar
Wow, I really enjoyed looking through that, I've been on a few of your sites so I reconise some of the pictures. Makes me want to look through some of my old files and bring some old characters back to life xD
T-Sama's avatar
Lol, it's slowing zee compie down, but it's worth it!
T-Sama's avatar
*blinks* I didn't realize you had so many characters. *sweatdrop* Good job on all of them though... :D Brana fun. :)
AngelaSasser's avatar survived the attack of the killer thumbnailsXD Thanks for looking at my chara guide! I was afraid most people would be turned off by the loading time and not look at all *Sniffles*

WEee!! I'm glad you survived:D
AngelaSasser's avatar
LOL Neither did IO_o And I actually had to leave a few characters out of this becaue they did not have accompanying pictures to go with them. IT's rather scaryO_o There are charas on here I haven't thought about in YEARS! So it was a nice trip down memory lane:D Zorn, Arashiko, and Aurora seem to be my most popular charas, personally and with other's quite interesting:D
T-Sama's avatar
Hehe, I could never juggle so many characters. But I'll have a good hundred or so eventually. XD I just like making new characters... and then I end up never drawing them again. *sweatdrop*
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