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By AngelaSasser
I remade this list for those of you who cannot load thumbnails.
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I've been on a list making roll lately, but I promise this one will be fun and informative!  This list will be a guide for all those who are wishing to draw my characters, are just curious about my various creations, and for those who need references for art trading with me.  

Due Credit:
The characters presented here are all of my own creation mostly for fanfictions I've written,  stories, or from various RPGs such as Vampire the Masquerade, Dungeons and Dragons, and the like which I have participated in.  If you plan to use them in any way, you must ask my permission (email or note me) and also give me credit as they are all © to me, Angela Sasser aka. AngelaSasser.

Be sure this guide will be regularly updated.

:heart:=Creator's Favorites

:heart:Alastor Veneev-Dungeons and Dragons (Forgotten Realms)-Aasimar Cleric of Sune
Alastor Level 1 (Full Body with Studded Leather Armor)
Alastor Level 5 (Full Body, With Whip Sword)

Andvari-The Sacred Age-Shofar Mercenary
Andvari (Face Closeup)

:heart:Arashiko-Dragonball Z-Saiyan Elite Bodyguard
Arashiko Wallpaper
Arashiko in Nameckian/Saiyan Armor (Full Body)
Arashiko Elite Armor Reference (Full Body, Armor Study)
Arashiko in SSJ Armor (Full Body)
Arashiko's Saiyan Forms (Facial Study)
Super Saiyan Arashiko (Upper Body)
Arashiko as Santi Uru
Majin Arashiko (Bust)

:heart:Aurora-Shadowrun-Elven Street Samurai
Aurora Dreaming Butterly (Facial Closeup)
Crazy Aurora
Seductive Aurora
Aurora's Revenge (Without Tattoos)
Aurora was Here (With katana)
Aurora in Leather
Aurora Character Study (Multiple Angle Study)

Boom Boom-Shadowrun-Elven Demolition Expert
Boom Boom (Full Body+Face)

Brana-Dragonball Z-Child of the Storm-Third Class Saiyan Ginyu
Brana (Full Body)

Celebal Celeron-Reboot-Viral Codemaster
Celebal (Full Body)

:heart:The Cowboy (Daniel Smith)-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
Cowboy (Full Body)

David Becker-Shadowrun-Samurai Mercenary, Cyborg Assassin
David Character Study (Full Body+Facial, Multiple Angles)

The Fury (Bartholomi de la Furia)-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
The Fury's Lair (Full Body)

Enoch-The Sacred Age-Langee Head Mage
Enoch (With Wings Flared, Full Body)

Gimmick-Shadowrun-Elven Illusionist Mage
Gimmick (Full Body+Face)

Hathor-The Sacred Age-Loreahl Mercenary
Wounded Hathor (Full Body)
Hathor (Regular Form, Torso)

Helena-The Sacred Age-Langee Warrior Knight
Helena of the Lake (Upper Body)

Isadora-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Lasombra
Isadora (Upper Body, with Obtenebration)

Kaioden-(Character Biography)-Dragonball Z-Child of the Storm-Alien Ginyu Commander
Kaioden (Full Body+Face)

:heart:Keoto-Dragonball Z-Child of the Storm-Saiyan Elite Soldier
Keoto Crouching (Full Body)
Keoto Profile Sketch (Full Body)
Keoto and Zorn (Face)

Lee Kailin-Shadowrun-Elven Street Samurai/Knight Errant
Black Knight Errant (Upper Body, Black Knight Errant training uniform)

Lucia-Shadowrun-Elven Mage/Ninja
Lucia Sketch (Full Body)

:heart:Melakim-(Biography)-Tenebra RPG-Half-Angel Hunter
Melakim First Sketch (Face, Tattoo Study)
Melakim Weapon Study (Full Body, Weapon Study)
Melakim Portrait Study
Full Body, Armor and Sword Study (later years)
Full Body With Wings and Sword</b>
Bust Potrait (Exodus Version)

Mercadia-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Lasombra
Mercadia (Upper Body)

Midori Knight-Shadowrun-Physical Adept Assassin
Midori (Full Body, Adept uniform)

Mina (Kim Kailin)-Human Street Samurai
Kim Kailen (Clothing Study, Full Body+Face)
Kim as Mina (Cyberware Study, Full Body, Face)

Natalia-The Sacred Age-Langee Warrior Chieftan
Older Natalia (Upper Body, Staff Study)
Natalia with Roses (Upper Body, Wardrobe study, Tattoo Study)
Natalia's Medallion (Face, Tattoos, Guardian Medallion)
Sacrificial Natalia (Wing Study, Full Body)

Nava-The Sacred Age-Staleetran Warrior Chieftan
Nava Wing Study (Full Body, Sword)
Nava Early Sketch (Full Body, Colored version)

Nelina Baptista-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
Nelina's Gift (Upper Body, Human Form
Nelina Mask of a Thousand Face (Nosferatu Form, Face)

:new:Nikolai Faa-(Biography)</b>-Mist Traveler (Original Story)-Immortal Gypsy
Bust with Illusion Abilities+Gypsy Outfit

Nynia Mathias-Vampire the Masquerade:  Dark Ages-Clan Gangrel
Nynia of the Ashen Cross (Upper Body, Gangrel Form)
Nynia with Faeries (Full Body, Human Form)

:heart:Oberon (Katsuro Oshino)-Shadowrun-Elven Street Samurai/Assassin
Oberon King of Shadows (Full Body, Cyberware Study, Multiple Angles)

Phalen da' Alan-Dungeons and Dragons-High Elf Knight
Phalen on Cliff Edge (Full Body, Full Armor)

Ramah Sirhaan-Exodus RPG-Werewolf Knight-(Biography)
Ramah Sirhaan Character Sheet

Razael-The Sacred Age-Elemental Spirit
Rage of Razael (Full Body, Wing Study)

Ryuichi-(Character Biography)-Dragonball Z-Alien Ginyu General
Ryuichi Study (Full Body+Facial

Ry Phirunaden-Elf Mercenary-(Biography)
Ry in fighting stance
Ry in Wing Cutter armor

Serra Galashal-Dungeons and Dragons (Forgotten Realms)-Fire Elemental Warrior
Serra in the Arena (Full Body in Rags)
Prayer Before Battle (Upper Body)

Shalah-The Sacred Age-Staleetran Oracle
Oracle (Upper body)

Shanna Coll-Dungeons and Dragons-Half-Elf Thief
Shanna Character Study (Multiple Angles, Wardrobe Study)

:heart:Shonqua-The Sacred Age / The Sacred Age-War Goddess
Shonqua Character Study (Multiple Angles, Wardrobe, Weapon)
Shonqua's Scimitar

:heart:Sophie-Marie la Croix de Sailles-Vampire the Masquerade-Clan Nosferatu
Primogen Sophia (Upper Body, Clan Crest, Mask of a Thousand Faces)
Sophia Character Study (Various Wardrobe, Multiple Angles)
Sophia Human Form (Full Body)
Sophia Nosferatu Form (Upper Body)

Zalan-The Sacred Age / The Sacred Age-Goddess of Wisdom and Light
Zalan the Wisdom (Torso)

Zane-Vampire the Masquerade-Caitiff Seer
Zane in the Shadows (Full Body)
Zane Obtenebration (Facial, Upper Body)

:heart:Zorn-Dragonball Z-Child of the Storm-Saiyan Elite Advisor
Zorn Casual Playah (Upper Body)
SSJ Zorn (Full Body)
Zorn in Hell Armor (Full Body)
Virana and Zorn Battling (Upper Body, Clothing Study)
Court Armor Zorn (Upper Body)
Zorn Facial Study
© 2004 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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