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So, it looks like I've bit yet another bullet (I've been biting a lot of those lately) and decided to attend Faerie Escape Atlanta as an exhibitor!  That means I'll have a convention every two weeks for at least 3 months starting in August.  Possibly more if I find I like the taste of bullets and sign up for more cons in the area to rear my head at.

But I am sitting here stumped on what I'm going to make for the great Faerie Escape!  I have my prints and art tile necklaces to sell, of course, but what else?  I'd really like to do something fun and faerie/angel/mythic themed, so I'm opening up the doors of inspiration!  Let us CREATE!

I'm thinking of doing stuff along these lines:

But I'd like to think of things in a more mythic fantasy theme.  Maybe faerie king/queen masks? Celtic knot masks? Leafy masks?  More jewelry with leaf and feathers?  Butterfly and angel wing necklaces and keychains?

Halp! My mind is all over the place. Would love to hear what you guys would like to see in a mystical fairy/angel theme from me :)  So fire away!

Disclaimer: By suggesting an idea, you are of course giving me permission to play with that idea however I see fit. I'll credit where I can, but I can't promise royalties. This is just casual  fun brainstorming session, not an attempt to make a corporate enterprise.

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Ooo I would totally love to see you do a series of Midsummer's Night's Dream masks!! Not just Oberon, Titania, and Puck, but even Cobweb and Mustard Seed and some of those other lesser known fae oculd be awesome me thinks!

...and no I'm not minorly obsessed with Shakespeare...lool
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Those are great ideas! That's one of my favorite plays as well so you are not alone in your Shakespeare obsession XD Mm I'd especially love to do a Titania/Oberon set. They're just intriguing figures.
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I definitely think those two could end up as incredible extravagantly fanciful masks. If you decide to go that direction I would serioeusly love to see my dear!!
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you could do a whole series of themed wings alone. some suggestions off the top of mah head:

Golden Isis wings
Archangel wings with eyes
Hera peacock wings
Multi-hued/iridiscent fairy wings
Black Lucifer/fallen angel wings
Gothic gargoyle wings

i'm seeing it as pendants, charm bracelets & headbands -- imagine how pretty a pair of wings wrapped around your head might look.

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Mmm I've been pondering doing masks made from wings (fairy, angel, and demon type wings), but never would've thought of a headband. I shall have to play around and see what comes out! Thanks for the groovy suggestions!
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you're welcome! i always have some ideas stashed in the drawers of my head (well not all good ones, but..) i'd like to see them come to life...thru the hands of people more gifted and less procrastinating than me :D
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Oh no you just reminded me. Someone from there talked to me at Acen. I must find their email and see if I can send art. things sell, I dunno :)
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Also, a nice range of prices can't hurt, I reckon!
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Unfortunately I've already asked and it seems they have no art show, but may be considering it for future events. So far, artists are welcome as exhibitors and that's about it!

Yup I've got my cheap things covered in the form of prints, ACEO prints, etc but seems I'll also be having some fun with faerie themed crafts. Slightly pricier collectible things that people can use or wear seem to sell a bit better for me these days! Who knows what the trends will be later though O_o So hard to tell at every con!
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The person I talked to really wanted me to attend but said she could maybe set something to have someone sell it if I couldn't.

I dunno. have found nothing pricier to be selling at shows this summer :( People like wearable things but it's hard to sell anything over $15.
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Yeah, I'm trying to keep that in mind while I make some of this leather/jewelry stuff. It's easy to spend a lot of time on these and drive the price up. Trying to find a nice balance of simple and elegant in it all!

That'd be good to have someone agent for you there. I'd offer, but I'm not sure right now if I'll be using all of my table or not! I very well might if I end up with a lot of crafts between now and then.
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Oh no keep doing them. If it's one thing people will actually spend money on, cause they won't on art it's OOAK dolls, 3d art or wearable stuff. For some reason people seem to think nothing of spending a lot on that. That's why I'd like to figure out some thing to make.

I picked up leather tools this weekend.
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Excellent! I hope you have fun with it. It's been a really easy transition for me I think because it's such a fun porous surface to paint on. It's nice being able to use acrylics to color things!

I've been buying my advanced tools from this guy on eBay. They're used but you can't beat the price!:

This person's great too:

At any rate, hope you enjoy it and it turns into some fun items to add to your stock. If you haven't seen *merimask here on DA, she has great tutorials on her account! She's where *windfalcon and I learned the basics:)
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Do you know anything about plastic film the booklet they gave me says you need to transfer drawings?
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Hmm I've heard people using everything from carbon paper to tracing paper to transfer designs. I just draw my design on a scrap piece of printer paper (or print the design onto paper in light blue) and trace over it with a ballpoint pen, which lightly presses the design into the leather. Printing in blue also makes it easier to see where you've already traced your design.

It's a little harder to see than transferring with carbon, but if you dampen the leather, the design becomes easier to spot. Hope that helps!
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Maybe expand from the masks and also make bracers that match... Bracers are relatively simple to make and you could sell them by themselves, or put them with a mask that is in the same style for a slight discount to buy the whole bundle perhaps?

With necklaces, maybe incorporate a small vial as a pendent filled with colored sand / glitter as "Faerie Dust" pendents.

You could make some Sun Jars if you want to go into that realm, sell it as a captured faerie, maybe give them a tag with a little story of the particular faerie and how it was caught. Instructions how to make these are here
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You're the second person to mention bracers and I think that's a wonderful idea to sell them as a bundle. Perhaps bracer/masks for the guys and necklace/mask sets for the gals.

I've never seen the sun jar before. What a neat little project! I'll have to try that sometime, though it's a little outside of what I'd like to do for this con. I'd like most of my projects to reflect the hand of the artist somehow...but that is a cool idea, regardless!

I've also seen those vials for sale in the jewelry sections of our local hobby stores. I might have to check them out ^_^ See if I can put my own little things in them!

Thanks for all your great inspiration!
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Your welcome :) Good luck at the con too!
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Thanks very much! Sounds like I'm going to have my hands full XD
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Sounds like it. I envy you though, wish I could go from con to con selling my wares.
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Luckily these cons are all in my neighborhood. I really envy the folks who can get out of their own states to got places! It's also not quite paying for my bills yet, but gotta start somewhere:)
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All those cons, sounds like a ton of work.
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Ehehe welcome to my profession XD
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This may sound mundane, but what about earrings? Special for elf and fairie ears?
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