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Originally posted on my Patreon blog.

I'm back from JordanCon and what a sweet convention it was!  I got to meet old friends and make some new ones (welcome to any new Patrons who found me there!).  For those who don't know it, JordanCon is a small, cozy convention here in Atlanta dedicated to all things Robert Jordan and Wheel of Time, while also celebrating fantasy literature as a whole.

This con represented a milestone for me as well because I decided to give my narrative fantasy art a chance!  I've never displayed it on its own before and I figured that JordanCon's focus on literature was an excellent training ground for doing so.  I was so happy my characters and art were well received!  I talked to many authors who instantly resonated with Oathbound and knew there was a deeper story behind it. THAT is exactly what I want to hear about this particular branch of my art!

The 'downside' of this was that after talking about characters, I wanted to run home and write!  I'm fueled up with inspiration after the con and can't wait to see what comes with that injection of motivation.

However, I did not abandon my Ladies, either!  While my Fantasy work is still waiting in the wings as another path I plan to pursue in the future, the Ladies of the Months also had their own magnificent spread in the Art Show.  This is the first time they have all been displayed together in a space and I am SO proud of them!  My lovely brainchildren!

I also got to be a panelist alongside some of my favorite folks, including Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Amanda Makepeace, Ariel Burgess, and Melissa Gay.  I'm fairly sure we could chat about art and advice all day long if given the chance and unlimited time!  I've posted a few resources online from the Women in Illustration and Navigating Patreon panels, if anyone wants to check those links out for further reading, even if they were not able to attend.

Now, I'm back home and there's a little over ONE WEEK left till the Ladies' coloring book Kickstarter.  There are so many loose ends to wrap up, so I'm off to wrangle them!

Thanks for your support and to any attendees who stopped by!  It was a blast.

More soon!  There are so many exciting things about to happen, you guys!

- Ang


Don't forget about the coloring book's Launch Party happening on Facebook right now!  I've just posted my first giveaway there today.  Come party the week away with me until the book goes live on KS!

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AllisonStanley Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
That sounds like a wonderful weekend
AngelaSasser Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Professional General Artist
It was! It's a nice cozy con.
EdselArnold Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018
Ang (I still love that we both went Avatar/Last Airbender on that!),

It was so good to see you, though with having to man our booths and hit up different panels I still didn't feel like we got to spend enough time together!!  We simply have to go out to eat next year... I would have crashed y'all's parties this year, but I felt it was truly the Year of the Ladies, and didn't want to intrude.  I believe Oathbound is the one I told you I loved, so you can count me in with the authors!!  Keep adding your own spin on the Art Nouveau!  And hopefully since we are close (moderately speaking) we can get together at some point for coffee, dessert, and art talk!!  My favorite things!  (Or Italian if that's in your wheelhouse!)

Later... Edsel
AngelaSasser Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Professional General Artist
Always happy to find fellow Avatar fans!  It's my favorite show, with Gargoyles a very close second.

It was so nice to catch up with you as well and YES we definitely have to try and get you in on a post-con dinner!  Once things settle down after the Kickstarter happening right now, I'd definitely love to meet up for consumables and art talk.  I'll drop you a Note and let ya know once things aren't so crazy!

Take care of yourself till then, Edsel!  Always a pleasure!
EdselArnold Featured By Owner May 10, 2018
BlueRavenfire Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
glad to hear your con display was a success. :)
AngelaSasser Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thank you!  Setting up an updated display is always a good feeling.
BlueRavenfire Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
you're welcome :)
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