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I must confess that I've been so crazy busy with the Ladies of the Months series that I've been dying to do something fun that isn't related to tedious line art.  Along came Camp NaNoWriMo at just the right time to give me an excuse to indulge in some fun writing and character art!

Don't know what this event is?  It's like NaNoWriMo lite.  Instead of trying to write 50k words in a month, you can set simpler goals.  I've chosen to make my goals to write 30 minutes a day on revising my story, The Uncrucified.  My unofficial goal is that if I don't end up writing that I use the time I'm not writing on drawing character/story art instead!  Either way, I'm getting creative and stretching some muscles that have needed stretching.

It's always nice to have an excuse to get to writing, so LET'S DO THIS THING!  Here's a portrait and an excerpt from a scene in the revised draft to whet your appetites!  You can keep up with more art and writing for my Camp NaNoWriMo adventure over at my tumblr.

Young Kalara by AngelaSasser

Excerpt from the revised draft of The Uncrucified:

Just like that, her life in Gem was over.  She had tried not to nurture attachments in a life where anyone could be sold at any time, but those attachments had formed of their own accord.  Word of her departure spread quietly through the network of slaves and servants who knew her.  She said her final goodbyes through the bars of the slow-moving wagon to those who managed to escape their duties to line the streets for the caravan’s exodus.  Her mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, she reached through the bars and held each and every one of their hands as long as she could before they were shooed away for hindering the caravan.  

At the end of the line of people who had gathered last minute to say farewell to her, she found Djali.  She might have loved him in another life where they could be so frivolous.  He had always made her smile with his pranks in the marketplace, Kalara secretly delighting in the antics she was never brave enough to partake in.  They comforted each other when they could, sneaking away into the alleys at noontime when none were the wiser.  They always knew life could change at any minute with the drop of a coin on someone’s contract.  

Kalara gripped Djali’s hand the longest, the both of them ignoring the warning of the guards.  They had promised no tears, knowing for years now that they would have to say goodbye at any moment.  To their credit, there were none.
“Find me in the next life, Kallie.  Let’s be rich then, eh?”   He was the only one who ever called her that and she hated it. Kalara would never forget his final words to her and the pained smile that came with them.

Then, the wagon continued on its slow, inexorable path out of the city.  Kalara watched their figures standing along the street as long as she could till they were lost in the blur of buildings and pedestrians.  She never felt so alone in the world as she did then, even crammed in the barely shaded transport with so many other souls.  No more daydreams came on that long and mournful journey ever northwards towards Chiarascuro.

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