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We're in the FINAL WEEK to support the Ladies of the Months Coloring Book on Kickstarter! Don't miss out on claiming your coloring book and other Kickstarter-exclusive Rewards before the campaign ends on MAY 31ST!  I've been totally floored by all of the support I've gotten from fans, both old and new.  You're helping me make my dreams come true!

Here's a peek inside the book if you've missed my previous posts about it:

Ladies of the Months Coloring Book Launching Soon! by AngelaSasser
Plus possibly 36 more pages if we can meet the Stretch Goals!

The following original drawings are also available for purchase exclusively via the Kickstarter (with two new drawings coming next week):

The Lady of the Equinox by AngelaSasser

Inktober 2017 - The Lady of Resurrection by AngelaSasser

I know we can make this happen!  I can't wait to have this beautiful books in your hands!  We're a little less than $1k out from the funding goal right now, so I could use the help spreading the word, if you know anyone who might love this!

Thanks for your support thus far, everyone.

Wishing you all inspiration!
- Ang

Originally posted on my Patreon blog.

I'm back from JordanCon and what a sweet convention it was!  I got to meet old friends and make some new ones (welcome to any new Patrons who found me there!).  For those who don't know it, JordanCon is a small, cozy convention here in Atlanta dedicated to all things Robert Jordan and Wheel of Time, while also celebrating fantasy literature as a whole.

This con represented a milestone for me as well because I decided to give my narrative fantasy art a chance!  I've never displayed it on its own before and I figured that JordanCon's focus on literature was an excellent training ground for doing so.  I was so happy my characters and art were well received!  I talked to many authors who instantly resonated with Oathbound and knew there was a deeper story behind it. THAT is exactly what I want to hear about this particular branch of my art!

The 'downside' of this was that after talking about characters, I wanted to run home and write!  I'm fueled up with inspiration after the con and can't wait to see what comes with that injection of motivation.

However, I did not abandon my Ladies, either!  While my Fantasy work is still waiting in the wings as another path I plan to pursue in the future, the Ladies of the Months also had their own magnificent spread in the Art Show.  This is the first time they have all been displayed together in a space and I am SO proud of them!  My lovely brainchildren!

I also got to be a panelist alongside some of my favorite folks, including Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Amanda Makepeace, Ariel Burgess, and Melissa Gay.  I'm fairly sure we could chat about art and advice all day long if given the chance and unlimited time!  I've posted a few resources online from the Women in Illustration and Navigating Patreon panels, if anyone wants to check those links out for further reading, even if they were not able to attend.

Now, I'm back home and there's a little over ONE WEEK left till the Ladies' coloring book Kickstarter.  There are so many loose ends to wrap up, so I'm off to wrangle them!

Thanks for your support and to any attendees who stopped by!  It was a blast.

More soon!  There are so many exciting things about to happen, you guys!

- Ang


Don't forget about the coloring book's Launch Party happening on Facebook right now!  I've just posted my first giveaway there today.  Come party the week away with me until the book goes live on KS!

I've finally written up the MASTER PLAN for my Ladies of the Months project and holy cow do I have my work cut out for me! This year is going to be lots of cramming and art hustling.

I'm more than a little intimidated, but I need to have faith in this. I've had so many great mentors and teachers along the way giving me advice and encouragement. I'm ready for this!

I've been pouring my heart and soul into these paintings and their eventual form as a book for the past few years and I'm ready to push them to the next level as soon as this last Lady is complete! I can't wait to see them as a beautiful, cohesive whole!

For those of who have been sticking with me on Patreon throughout this whole journey so far, you're the best! The whole plan is detailed there in a public post for those who want to dive into the nitty-gritty details of publication with me.

Hold on to your butts, 2018! We've only just begun!

(Just one more Lady to goooooo and the birthstone sets will be complete!)

Ladies of the Months Series by AngelaSasser

Ladies of the Months Mask Series by Angelic-Artisan

I've been doing monthly update videos for awhile now, but forgot to tell you guys here!  Check out my latest wrap-up for October. I fear with every video I share, the more of a dork I reveal myself to be! :nerd:  You can give it a watch here.

Don't miss the following things in this video!

- My thoughts on the Kickstart Art seminar with puimun and what revelations I had from it.

- An epic level geek out about Kushiel's Dart which I was nearly hesitant to share online.

- Pumpkin Spice shenanigans.

- Plus aaaaart!

Originally posted at My Patreon Blog

While I’m busy grinding away braincells on Lady of July ‘s many flower buds, I wanted to introduce you to another Art Nouveau artist I had never heard of!  Gaspar Champs hailed from Spain and spent a large part of his career in France.  He was very heavily influenced by Mucha, so much so that he became known as the ‘Catalan Mucha’.

Like my previous feature of Élisabeth Sonrel , I love how Camps brought his own unique flair to Alphonse Mucha’s line style.  At times, Camps’ work feels more abstract with his figures melting into the details of his images.

I also love the sense of light bouncing in his more painterly work.  What a joy it was to discover him!

If you want to see more of these art features, view them all at once here .

Sponsor-me-button-patreon-logo-lotm by AngelaSasser

Article originally posted at my Patreon blog.

While I’m busy working on Lady of July, enjoy a look at this stunning work by female Art Nouveau artist, Élisabeth Sonrel!  While she was active at the same time as other artists of the movement, I had never heard of her until recently. 

She reminds so very much of Mucha with her line work, but has a sense of decorative layout that feels more detailed and layered at times.  Definitely check her out for a lovely array of painterly and graphical work!

If you want to see more of these art features, view them all at once here


I plan to start doing these little ‘Unknown Nouveau‘ entries, so I have something to share during those slow times when I’m busy working and don’t have much to show yet!  The art keeps me inspired and is something I love sharing with you all. What do you think?  

Also, do you know any other Art Nouveau artists I might not have heard of?  Let me know in comments!

Here we are at the end of the month and I am SO exhilarated by my results from participating in this event!  It was a last minute decision for me and I’m happy I made the jump.  I proved to myself I can handle a more involved setting and built up my confidence with writing, which has been a major roadblock for me in the past.  Without further ado, here are my final results for this month!

Writing Goal: 900 mins in a month. Final Result: 1,236 minutes.

FINAL WORD COUNT: 10,747 or 23 Pages

I’ve completely re-written about a 3rd of Kalara’s story, The Uncrucified, and have thought of so many exciting ideas for how to continue from here!  If you want to stay tuned with progress on this story, which I will be completing, you can keep up with it over at this tag OR over at the story’s dedicated subreddit on Reddit.

If you missed any excerpts from this month’s writing event, here they are all in one place!

This Month’s Excerpts:

Day 1: Young Kalara Sketch [ART]
Day 2: No More Daydreams
Day 3: Her Sharp Tongue
Day 4: No More daydreams [ART]
Day 5: Invisible Revenge
Day 6: False Beauty
Day 7: Sana of House Cynis [ART]
Day 8: Varia of House Cynis
Day 9: Varia of House Cynis [ART]
Day 12: The Serene Viper
Day 14: The Serene Viper [ART]
Day 18: Cipher of the World
Day 19: The God of Fivefold Luck
Day 20: A Slave’s Charade
Day 26: Cynis Varia’s Lucky Charm
Day 27: The Prince of Boundless Blades
Day 28: The Foolish Fox
Day 30: Hidden Empress

Art from the event:
The Serene Viper by AngelaSasser  Varia and Sana of House Cynis by AngelaSasser

I must confess that I've been so crazy busy with the Ladies of the Months series that I've been dying to do something fun that isn't related to tedious line art.  Along came Camp NaNoWriMo at just the right time to give me an excuse to indulge in some fun writing and character art!

Don't know what this event is?  It's like NaNoWriMo lite.  Instead of trying to write 50k words in a month, you can set simpler goals.  I've chosen to make my goals to write 30 minutes a day on revising my story, The Uncrucified.  My unofficial goal is that if I don't end up writing that I use the time I'm not writing on drawing character/story art instead!  Either way, I'm getting creative and stretching some muscles that have needed stretching.

It's always nice to have an excuse to get to writing, so LET'S DO THIS THING!  Here's a portrait and an excerpt from a scene in the revised draft to whet your appetites!  You can keep up with more art and writing for my Camp NaNoWriMo adventure over at my tumblr.

Young Kalara by AngelaSasser

Excerpt from the revised draft of The Uncrucified:

Just like that, her life in Gem was over.  She had tried not to nurture attachments in a life where anyone could be sold at any time, but those attachments had formed of their own accord.  Word of her departure spread quietly through the network of slaves and servants who knew her.  She said her final goodbyes through the bars of the slow-moving wagon to those who managed to escape their duties to line the streets for the caravan’s exodus.  Her mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, she reached through the bars and held each and every one of their hands as long as she could before they were shooed away for hindering the caravan.  

At the end of the line of people who had gathered last minute to say farewell to her, she found Djali.  She might have loved him in another life where they could be so frivolous.  He had always made her smile with his pranks in the marketplace, Kalara secretly delighting in the antics she was never brave enough to partake in.  They comforted each other when they could, sneaking away into the alleys at noontime when none were the wiser.  They always knew life could change at any minute with the drop of a coin on someone’s contract.  

Kalara gripped Djali’s hand the longest, the both of them ignoring the warning of the guards.  They had promised no tears, knowing for years now that they would have to say goodbye at any moment.  To their credit, there were none.
“Find me in the next life, Kallie.  Let’s be rich then, eh?”   He was the only one who ever called her that and she hated it. Kalara would never forget his final words to her and the pained smile that came with them.

Then, the wagon continued on its slow, inexorable path out of the city.  Kalara watched their figures standing along the street as long as she could till they were lost in the blur of buildings and pedestrians.  She never felt so alone in the world as she did then, even crammed in the barely shaded transport with so many other souls.  No more daydreams came on that long and mournful journey ever northwards towards Chiarascuro.

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I know a lot of new Watchers here on dA have been drawn here due to all the Exalted tabletop RPG art I've been doing lately. Welcome and thanks for indulging my rekindled nerdy passion for tabletop gaming!

The Uncrucified by Angela R. Sasser by AngelaSasser THE UNCRUCIFIED: Koh Exploratory Concepts by AngelaSasser EXALTED: Kalara Vadras, The Uncrucified 1st Sketch by AngelaSasser
My Exalted character, Kalara Vadras. Eclipse Caste and Righteous Devil gunslinger!

I'm so happy to have started tabletop gaming again after years of not playing. Looking back on it, White Wolf games (especially Vampire the Masquerade) were such a big inspiration for me! It's been a lot of fun to dive into the lore-heavy world of Exalted to discover my latest gunslinging muse, Kalara Vadras.

Beauty of the Night by AngelaSasser Sophia the Hidden by AngelaSasser Sophia Character Study by AngelaSasser The Cowboy by AngelaSasser
Some of my old Vampire the Masquerade art!

I find it telling that my latest roleplaying power fantasy is an uber-businesswoman with finesse. How I have grown up!

I thought you new folks might also enjoy the game recaps of our characters' adventures in Exalted that I've started keeping. You can find them here!

And this has been your small nerdy update! I hope to have more important news later.:D

Now, back to painting with me!
:heart: Ang
Cross-posted from my Art Blog

Getting the Monster Girls up on Redbubble 
is a big part of my push this year!

When I first started this blog, my intent was to share my journey as an artist.  Over 2016, however, I noticed most of my posts here have been Sketch Diaries about my creative process.  It’s time to get back to form with a long rambl-y semi-personal post!

How is my artistic journey going these days, anyways?  2016 was an odd year for me.  I didn’t go to any conventions or do any big events due to a limited budget.  Being so disconnected from the art world made me feel pretty bummed about this past year.  However, taking a break from being in the scene was time that I really needed to get my myself in order, business, personal, and art-wise.  I’ve managed to stay hyper-focused on producing art for the Ladies of the Months, which has been one of my central goals and drives of late.

Finishing this series has taken precedence for me for multiple reasons.  I have a bad habit of flitting from one project to the next and following my excitement down a new rabbit hole before actually figuring out how I can market and sell what I’ve created.  This happens so often for me, especially because I have so many multiple art styles vying for my attention, from the friendly colorful stylization of my Monster Girls to the elegant tediousness of my Art Nouveau work to the painterly surreal narrative art I’ve been ultimately trying to evolve my work towards.

Last year, I came to the realization that this is a huge part of my lack of success as an artist.  I’m not a bad artist, by any means, but my huge amount of varied work and lack of cohesive presentation, as well as any consistent large body of work I could market to consumers hinders my success.  I have so many things sitting on my computer that I’ve moved on from without properly utilizing them (ie. the Monster Girls and my Rapunzel comic).  How do I choose which ones have value for me to complete and which ones are better left as a learning experience?  I’m still learning the answer to that question.  As far as I can judge, it’s a matter of being honest about the quality of the end product and how marketable it actually is to an audience.

For the future, I want to change my love of different styles into a strength.  For me, this has meant learning when and how to pick similar things in my art and sort them better into websites and ‘brands’ that appeal to their unique audiences.  I’m at that point in my artistic journey where I’ve stepped back to take stock of my large varied body of work and how I can make what I’ve already created work for me.

For instance, the Ladies of the Months can aid me with approaching the Fine Art market.  My Monster Girls can be the central attraction at anime conventions.  My narrative art can appeal to the crowd open to Imaginative Realism or my fantasy writings.  This seems like such an elementary observation now, but it’s taken me the past 5 years (the time I got my business license) to realize how to funnel and package myself as an artist.  I’m learning to embrace my experimental nature, while also reigning it in and becoming more able to recognize what I can utilize for my business before I move on to that next adrenaline rush of a new project.

All in all, I’m more hopeful this year that in the near future I’ll finally start seeing myself being as successful as I want to be and that I’ll make a clean, clear connection to the audiences who enjoy my art.  The big picture is finally becoming clear, as is my own mental image of myself and where I want to be as an artist.  Slowly, but surely!


A lot of my slow boiling realizations about my art and how I connect with my audiences have come about thanks to Greg Spalenka’s wonderful Artist As Brand workbook. I very highly recommend it!

Rather than write a long blog post, I rambled about my art goals in a video instead.  Did I meet last year’s goals?  What are my goals for 2017?  Watch on to find out!

>Watch the live recording here<

The Short Version:

2016’s Summary of Art

Summary of Art 2016 by AngelaSasser

My Favorite Piece of 2016: Lady of November

2017’s Art Goals:

  1. Finish the Ladies. I have 5 masks and paintings to do. I can do this!
  2. Refine Patreon, make it a bigger part of my life.
  3. Try crowdfunding again. Coloring books are the first order of business!
  4. Return to conventions. Aiming for one convention per quarter, either live or mail in.
  5. Finish up my NaNoWriMo novel. Kalara was so much fun not to finish the story and share it!
  6. Monetize the Monster Girls with stickers, coloring pages, enamel pins, etc.
  7. Create video reviews for The Muse’s Library.
  8. Try to get outside of social media with my art.  Make local contacts.
  9. Study fundamental anatomy and color theory. Make a study schedule and stick to it!
  10. Be gentle with myself!  Don’t let disappointments crush my confidence.  Stop and enjoy life!
I've noticed my subscription doesn't have a lot of time left on it, so I've renewed for 3 months during the Give One, Get One special. However, I could definitely use more sub time! Cash is a bit tight right now, so I can't get more than the few months.

With that in mind, if anyone who is renewing their sub right now during the Give One, Get One event would like to use me as their 'Give One' friend, I'd be happy to pay you in premium stock from my stock account and/or with a few digital coloring pages or digital wallpapers. Let me know what you'd like!  We'll do an equivalent exchange based on the length of the sub gifted to me and the cost of those digital items.

I could even make wallpapers of art of mine that isn't offered on this format yet, if you wanted!

Examples of my stock.  See more at themuseslibrary:
Geisha Sword PACK 2 by themuseslibrary  Harbinger Wounded Pack by themuseslibrary  Swordswoman Pack 1 by themuseslibrary 

You can see my coloring pages here and my wallpaper kits here and here.

Thanks to anyone who might take me up on this.:) Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Happy Holidays!

It's one of my favorite times of year.  Holiday lights and angels are everywhere filling our hearts with warmth and joy!

I wanted to spread the cheer by offering you all 25% off in my Etsy shop from now until November 28th.  Just use code BLKFRI at checkout!

I've made sure to stock coloring pages, prints, postcards, and more!  The Ladies of the Months and Angels of the Seasons series are all back in stock as well.  

Enjoy and please let me know if there's any art missing that you'd love to see re-stocked and I'd be happy to oblige!

I've also re-stocked many of my holiday themed prints and Christmas cards.  These specific art offerings only show up in my shop during the holiday season, so get them before they go back into hibernation at the end of the year!

Patreon Patrons, keep an eye on your mailboxes for your yearly Christmas card from me!  

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone.  Thanks so much for your support over the years!

Much love,
Angela S.

So…I wasn’t going to do this since I already have so much to do, but I’m trying NaNoWriMo again this year! I’m going to wake up an hour early each day to write, which will hopefully foster good habits for the future that I’ve been trying to foster anyways.  At 9 days in, I'm excited to say I've still managed to write every day, even if it hasn't been a lot, and that's just fine with me!  It's been so difficult to grab even a spare moment for writing.  I'm trying to raise my confidence for it.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m not going to stress myself out too much if I can’t make a goal. This is purely for fun and stress relief! I desperately need a creative outlet during my current long project.  You can keep up with story snippets over at my writing tumblr.

My NaNoWriMo Project for 2016

 The Uncrucified: The Silver-Tongued Devil (that’s right, my Exalted character is back in a sequel story for NaNoWriMo!)

SYNOPSIS: In a world of defunct gods, corrupt nobility, and ancient magic, a young slave named Kalara challenged the very underpinning of The Guild with her dreams of reform. Her ambitions brought her to the brink of life and death where the Unconquered Sun chose her to achieve a grand design even larger than her own.

A great destiny awaits! But how does a fugitive slave and wanted murderer start a mercantile empire with nothing but the clothes on her back, the guns in her hands, and the fledgling powers of a newly chosen Solar? Hunters smell new blood and the paths are thick with thieves.

She survived the horror of crucifixion, but can Kalara pass the true test of greatness - being alone in a world where old heroes are gone and hope has fled?

(If you missed the original story, check out The Uncrucified here!)

The Uncrucified by Angela R. Sasser by AngelaSasser
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I thought it'd be helpful to keep a journal of when I'm streaming since all the cool kids are doing it.  I'll update this journal when I go live so you guys can join me for my monthly Studio Hangouts where I talk about my month, share art, and answer viewer questions about art, life, and beyond!  

At the end of every hangout, I do a Character Jam where I sketch a character chosen by my Patreon Patrons for an hour.  It's a lot of fun and gives you guys a closer look at my thought process when I'm drawing characters, plus gives me the added challenge of not obsessing over details too long.

Streams are recorded live and re-uploaded to my YouTube channel, if you happen to miss a hangout.  You can also Follow my Twitch channel to receive notifications about when I go online.

Brought to you by my Patreon Patrons!  

Like my art?  Sponsor me on Patreon for sneak peeks, tutorials, and more!


- AUG Character Jam (Princess Peach) (No Commentary)


It's been a long time since I've posted any sort of personal update here!  I miss the dA days of old where I worked in the computer lab as a college student and had all the time in the world to interact and keep up with you all on this site.  These days, I've been super busy with my nose to the grindstone on the Ladies of the Months series attempting to make something of it while my longtime boyfriend is being the main breadwinner.  It's a rare chance to really put my focus and attention into something grand without having my attention split by a day job, so I'm taking it!  I still lurk dA every now and again. I am silent, but always watching!

Speaking of my boyfriend, we've had the opportunity of a lifetime to move into a rental house for a great deal! We've got a few months to pack up and move to the new location, so it was about time I went through my body of work and made an honest assessment of it. I've known this for awhile in my heart, but I've been slowly, but surely, moving away from Art Nouveau work. After I wrap up the Ladies of the Months, I feel like it's time to really give my passion for character-driven fantasy art and writing a proper go!

And did I mention that the new place will have room for separate writing study AND studio spaces? As well as a garden?  I am SO hyped to set up the new space!

With all of this in mind, it's about time I retired that old work that's no longer representative of my quality level as an artist or where I want to go with my work. There's no point in clinging to it, especially with this move coming up!

I'm a little intimidated discontinuing about 80% of my older work, but that's great incentive to make so much more new work that saying goodbye to all this old stuff won't matter later!  I'm sure Art Nouveau won't be disappearing completely from what I produce.  There will simply be less of it while I focus on other artistic paths.  In the meanwhile, this is the best time to grab any of my older work, if you want it!

The following prints are being DISCONTINUED! 

After they are gone, they are GONE FOR GOOD, as I will no longer be printing them!

Buy them here for as low as $1!

Angelic Vision by AngelaSasser  The Archangel of Death by AngelaSasser  Unfurled by AngelaSasser  Glimpse of Divinity by AngelaSasser  Guide My Blade by AngelaSasser
Valediction by AngelaSasser  Meditation on the Rose by AngelaSasser  Butterfly Guardian by AngelaSasser  Night Blooming by AngelaSasser  Verdant Muse by AngelaSasser
Terrible Dawn by AngelaSasser  Moonchild by AngelaSasser  Angel of Purity by AngelaSasser  Advent Angel by AngelaSasser  Mist Embrace by AngelaSasser
  Meneliel, Stargazer by AngelaSasser  Conjure the Dark by AngelaSasser  Zai, Winter's Vengeance by AngelaSasser  ACEO Forsythia by AngelaSasser  Elven Herald Colored by AngelaSasser 
Archangel Series-Uriel by AngelaSasser  Glimpse of Eden by AngelaSasser  Song of Exile by AngelaSasser  Angel of January by AngelaSasser
The Ice Faerie's Breath by AngelaSasser  Tereg - Unbound Earth by AngelaSasser  Mirin - Unwanted Wings by AngelaSasser

The deviation version of this sale for you to Favorite:
Discontinued Prints Sale! by AngelaSasser

If you've ever wanted any of my older work, now's the best time to grab it!  Once these are sold, I am not re-stocking any of these selections.

Hope you all are well.  See you after the move with pics of the new studio space!
As an independent artist, I really love crowdfunding and what it does for artists.  We're in a golden age where fans and creators can be closer than they ever were before!  In the spirit of this wonderful union of fans and creators, I wanted to start featuring my favorite creative crowdfunding projects here on my journal.

My first feature is for matthughes' fabulous Art Nouveau style Tarot deck.  I feel like the art says it all, so I'm going to let it do the talking!  

Feast your eyes on this beauty!  If you like what you see, show your support with a pledge.

Art Feature Fridays! Leilani Bustamante’s Diabolica solo show caught my attention this week with the strange and angelic work within. Her art comes out of a dream glowing with surreal imagery and dusted with gold.

View full images of Leilani's work over at my Art Blog.
More of Leilani’s work -

Fave and Share this Feature elsewhere:

Featuring the graceful and detailed work of sheebamaya this week! I love all of the textures and colors in Sheeba’s work. I also love her depictions of Egyptian mythology.

See the individual images at full size at the tumblr article.

See more of Sheeba’s work at

Feature Fridays! This week I’m featuring the work of samflegal.  Sam’s depiction of the wisdom and mythos of Norse mythology and spiritualism resonate with vibrant colors and a devotion to the narrative. 

Check out his latest Kickstarter for a fascinating meditation on the verse of the Havamal with spontaneous ink sketches.

You can see full images at Sam's gallery here on dA or the tumblr article.

What’s inspiring you this week?