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Viator Ink Sketch

By AngelaSasser
It's been too quiet, art-wise, around these parts, so I'm breaking the silence with a sketch! I have been busy with other large scale book cover type projects that just aren't quite ready to show here yet. They're coming soon, however, and I cannot wait to show them off!:D

This ink sketch has to do with an ongoing project for Painting Drama, a composition class I'm currently involved in. He's a character for a universe based on the retelling of a popular movie. I think I'll keep the movie a secret for now to see if you guys can't guess what the original inspiration is with the other sketches I'll surely be uploading.

Your first clue, Viator here (codename for 'Traveler') is an assassin disguised as a visiting Elvish merchant. He's got several stops to make in town and one unsuspecting rickshaw driver to carry him to them.
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Yeah, if I had one guess as to what this guy did for a living just by looking at him, assassin would have been my first choice, lol. 
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Nice face! Very mysterious.

Did you ever watch "Aladdin: The Animated Series" growing up? Because he reminds me a lot of one of the villains, Mozenrath.
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I did indeed and I *loved* Mozenrath! I wouldn't be surprised if he were lurking in my subconscious waiting for ways to affect my work. XD Definitely same kind of cynical sense of humor here.
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I rather like the look on his face; as if to say, "You did NOT just draw me... -_-" XD

Great work, as always! :clap:
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lol yeah he does not look pleased with the viewer. I want to try and keep that snark for the rest of the drawings of this guy.
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Ooooo - sounds very intriguing!
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