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The Siren's Silence



The siren watched him, fascinated as she idly played with his black hair. Such a tormented creature to have hit her shores. At her former perch, those that had found the way to her had been full of themselves, gloating with themselves and their deeds. They all had tried to claim her as theirs...

This man though.... had come with an almost desperate wish... a subdued request for help. It was surprising to her and as of now kept her from sinking her teeth into his throat.. He was strong, despite the mortal weakness that had brought him to her. He had fought the tides and currents in the desperate hope to find a cure for his suffering. Maybe she would find it in herself to strike a compromise with her hunger. There were others that knew better about the magic and curses that made the werewolves.
Perhaps there was hope for Ramah... and perhaps she found it in herself to make a deal.

He intrigued her, no doubt.

Ramah slumbers enjoying the silence of the werewolf within him, for the song of the siren sooths the beast within. I've been wanting to draw this image for awhile and finally got it out of my head last night. Inspired by a bit of roleplaying with *InsaneJudge, whose lovely words you see above.

For Jude, you are an inspiration, lovely lady:heart:.

The Siren © Judith Mayr aka.
Ramah (the werewolf in her lap) © Angela Sasser aka.
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A werewolf coming to a siren, and the siren deciding to NOT eat him, and maybe even help him?

:iconlachoirplz: :iconilavplz:

Brilliant!! Simply, exquisite!