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The Siren's Silence

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By AngelaSasser   |   
Mature  |  Published: September 9, 2006
© 2006 - 2020 AngelaSasser
The siren watched him, fascinated as she idly played with his black hair. Such a tormented creature to have hit her shores. At her former perch, those that had found the way to her had been full of themselves, gloating with themselves and their deeds. They all had tried to claim her as theirs...

This man though.... had come with an almost desperate wish... a subdued request for help. It was surprising to her and as of now kept her from sinking her teeth into his throat.. He was strong, despite the mortal weakness that had brought him to her. He had fought the tides and currents in the desperate hope to find a cure for his suffering. Maybe she would find it in herself to strike a compromise with her hunger. There were others that knew better about the magic and curses that made the werewolves.
Perhaps there was hope for Ramah... and perhaps she found it in herself to make a deal.

He intrigued her, no doubt.

Ramah slumbers enjoying the silence of the werewolf within him, for the song of the siren sooths the beast within. I've been wanting to draw this image for awhile and finally got it out of my head last night. Inspired by a bit of roleplaying with *InsaneJudge, whose lovely words you see above.

For Jude, you are an inspiration, lovely lady:heart:.

The Siren © Judith Mayr aka.
Ramah (the werewolf in her lap) © Angela Sasser aka.
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A werewolf coming to a siren, and the siren deciding to NOT eat him, and maybe even help him?

:iconlachoirplz: :iconilavplz:

Brilliant!! Simply, exquisite!
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stunning and really sweet.
very well done, i love it.
and the words are really nice and moving.
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OX-CABHobbyist General Artist
sad yet sweet ^_^
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windfalconProfessional Traditional Artist
Randomly, I really love how the ruins of the ship 'frame' her. It's also challenging to make a graphite drawing look finished with so little shading, but you did a perfect job at it. The green tint is an excellent touch, too. Everything about this, including the composition, is just awesome.
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
Ehehe I was particularly proud of those ruins, too:) I figured it'd make sense for a siren to have 'trophies' of those who have happened upon her dangerous little nook. And what more does a siren have to do when there aren't people around to eat but interior decorate from ship pieces?

I don't know what it was about this piece, but it was one of those that just flowed out. I had a clear image from the start and I got as close to it as I ever have with any piece of late it seems. The original is now resting in Jude's possession. (I'm hoping to have her color it for a collab at some point).

*paws* I'm still having lagging problems with my computer so I've been unable to use aim. *going nuuuts*
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Angela, this is just other words
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
thanks hon. It's been a while since I've seen you on DA! I hope you're doing well! Call me, woman!
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urshaknisa Traditional Artist
It's so lovely. You're use of details is amazing!
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
thank you:)
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Wow, very lovely. Great title, too.
Abaddon-ShadowAngel's avatar
*drool* this is amazing dove, you nailed that puzzled/interested look on her face... are you gonna color this?
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
actually, the lovely tributee of this picture, *InsaneJudge has agreed to collab on a colored version for me. Stay tuned to her gallery for a colored version.
Abaddon-ShadowAngel's avatar
ooooooo will do, i'm gonna browse her gally and keep an eye out
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
actually, the lovely tributee of this picture, *InsaneJudge has agreed to collab on a colored version for me. Stay tuned to her gallery for a colored version.
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AltairKaosu Photographer
This is beautiful...I like how she seems to be considering him and how he came to be near her, and he's just so blissful. He looks tired too, like he has come home after a long journey. +fav, if you don't mind.
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QuestingRavenProfessional Traditional Artist
All I can say is ... breath-taking ...
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jeriweaverProfessional Traditional Artist
Wow that is going to look unbelievable when it's all coloured.
The mans leg that straight I think would look better if it was a little bent. On the same angle, just not flopped down so straight because it makes it look like the rock behind looses all the depth there and that he should be slippping off.

I really cant wait to see the finished peice of this one =D
Fantastic details!
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
hahaha I can just see it now

Ramah: "Yaaay siren lap! *slips off*"

I'll have to revisit this later and do some adjustments. I didn't quite know what to do with that leg at first so we'll see if I can prop a rock under it or make it spreading to the side...
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Beautiful! Is this going to be colored? I've always imagined the Sirens being shades of blue and green (if this is being colored already and you have your own idea, I bet I'll like your idea better).
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
yes indeedy, it will be colored, but by the lovely *InsaneJudge, who created the siren seen in this image. You can see her lovely colored rendition of the siren here: [link]

Eventually I might use this for digital practice, but that will be after finishing up some other things first.
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Marker-GuruProfessional Traditional Artist
how wierd, I was jsut drawing sirens so much lately too. cuzza the new coffee at starbucks has the old siren logo on it and there are mugs that are jsut gorgeous. so i've got siren oversaturation XD

but wow! the anatomy is stunning =D I think the boys crotch area needs one little line to draw his butt back into the picture.
it seems a little disjointed to me.
other than that stunning!
really i love the bg, with the tattered rocks and debris, the skull and all the little details =D
her hair is awesome as well =D
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ValhausProfessional Interface Designer
Very well done madame. Indeed your anatomical drawing was headed well.
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Jade-MariusHobbyist Digital Artist
This picture makes me think of Donna Jo Napoli's "Siren". Its such a loverly picture you have drawn with so very many details that you must have taken much time to have done this all.
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