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The Self-Critique MEME

Click Download File in the sidebar to get the template files in .psd and .tiff formats.

This isn't really a 'fun' MEME, but rather one meant to challenge each and every artist to take a long, hard look at themselves! I've been very introspective on this topic lately and thought this might be a way to help myself and others.

Critique from others is only one half of the process of becoming a good artist, the other half is accepting and understanding this critique, then taking the steps to improve yourself!

Consider this like a 'strategic plan' towards making yourself a better artist. It's good to do this at least once a year, if not every moment you're working on an image, in my opinion!

So...will you take the Oath to Improve? I did! You can see the one I made for myself here:

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I think this is one of the memes I've been waiting for my entire life! Thank you so much for making this! :D
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Awesome!  I hope it helps you out and feel free to share it with me when you do fill it out!  I'd be curious to see what others are working on and offer advice and study sources as well, if I have time.:)
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Definitely going to try this one out. I might even expand beyond 5 critiques :giggle:
Thank you for sharing!

(Btw, I got your book recently, and it is so good! Thank you again :dance:)
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Thanks for supporting your fellow artist by buying my book.:) I hope the meme helps you out!
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I'm thinking on it but I feel like I'm so varied I'd need to to one for each thing I do... hmm...
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I know that sort of feeling. I'd say this was geared more towards 2D visual art, if that helps narrow it down? Though I'm sure you could apply it to many things!
WyldAngel's avatar
Really I do think you could apply it to several different schools of art. I can see it's application for photography easily.
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This is really cool! I'm going to hang onto it and give it a shot :D
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Go for it! I would love to see how other artists take on this self-challenge.:) I'd say 'have fun', but by gah it was brutal when I did it. XD I have to say I learned a lot just going through the process of having to choose what example images to use. I hope it's useful to you and others!
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I've decided my focus is going to be lighting this year :P
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It's been back to anatomy and fashion studies for me! Feels good to get back to the basics. I really miss going to life study classes and chilling in the library looking at fashion plates.
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