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The Lotus Dancer



EDIT: Changed a lot of subtle things, repainted the face, tweaked with shadows, etc. Hope this gels a bit better now! To see the old version, check out the WIPnation thread:…

Sketch Diary -…

"If you should visit Asteria, be sure not to pass up the Garden of Hasath in the Lanes of Honey and Roses where they grow the most entrancing 'blooms'. "

"There, Lotus Dancers whirl among the lotus smoke of the patrons, their bells and sighs making the sweetest of music. If you are inclined, good sir, you may enjoy a private blossom for your sole delight. To be sure, your trip will be memorable!"

Trying something new with digital by layering colors on top of a grayscale image. You can see all the steps of this image at the wipnation image thread.

My goal was to use concepts from my own fantasy set in a desert universe to create fake Magic the Gathering type cards for a portfolio, this particular image being the first of what I hope to be many! I'm not sure if this would make a good card or not, but I'm still very proud of all that I learned while creating it!

I feel I should thank Zephyri while I'm here. She guided me at every step with encouragement and advice. Thanks, Sam!

Want to learn more about Asteria and my desert fantasy setting? Read on here:
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