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The Keeper of Secrets

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To worship at her temple is to unlock the sins within and be cleansed. Be cautious of what secrets you keep from her, for she will know all in due time. The kept secret will rebound upon its owner three-fold.

11x14 in. Ink sketch colored digitally. You can see the line art and detail shot here:

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verry tripy!:D
Purgitori's avatar
this is amazing...I can't stop looking at it...I wish I had a big enough space left on my body to get her tattooed...the celtic knots...the lips!..omg the lips are that I might actually get to squeeze onto my just says so many things...gorgeous hon just gorgeous
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Thanks! I'm flattered you'd want to keep her permanently with you. That's some dedication!  I'm glad you enjoyed this image. :)
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Your splendid work has been featured in my journal: [link]

Disneylyric's avatar
Reminds me of the Zodiac sign Libra. Nice job.
whispering-destiny's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. :)
Malbi88's avatar
I like this feels angelic but I also get a disquieting since of the Other in it very interesting.
Cetriya's avatar
really love what you got here.
delightedmuse's avatar
Such beautiful light/shadow - the ethereal glow around the various elements is wonderful :nod:
Feagaer's avatar
i have to say. bloody awesome :D

looving all the details in this, the border, the hair, the wings, the script on those hanging material things :D its fantastic
bear48's avatar
keight's avatar
I really like your use of color in this one. Go and sell all the lovely stuffs!
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quickreaver's avatar
That dark dusky purple with the marigold...:love:
Zephyri's avatar
Think she turned out very nicely... nice to see some solid shading of the form going on (Angel of Jan felt more cell shaded?) and I love the fact you pushed the darkness and the saturation of the colours in the window behind her, really makes it quite an eye catcher. Only thing I'd say could use a little more polish are the wings - they do feel quite plain up to the rest of the detail in the image, and I'm not sure what they're made of beyond the purpley feathers along the tops. Love the subtle touch of blue along the bottom - adds something to that part of the image!

If I were to offer any advice, I'd say research a little into ambient occlusion - I think a little of that in this image would have really made the figure pop right out. But another great step on the digital ladder you're currently on!
quickreaver's avatar
Dammit, I have to google 'ambient occlusion'...
Zephyri's avatar
heheh it's mostly a 3d related term, but I think it'd apply here too. :)
quickreaver's avatar
I Googled and it didn't much help; no one could "tell" what it was, but there were images so I can visually recognize it, but I'm still not quite sure what it means! :stinkeye:
Zephyri's avatar
from what i know (and I'm sure if any modeller ever reads this they can correct me if need be) it's basically the shadow pass on model that puts in those deepest shadows where even ambient light can't get to, regardless of how a model would be lit - often the areas on an image that are almost black. In this particular image areas like the creases in the blindfold, where light couldn't get in, could do with being a little darker, because of that.
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Oh yes I was debating whether the shadows would have a different tint because of the two different colored light sources, but of course this is the time I couldn't find the reference book I *bought* for this purpose. ;_;

And by now I really just wanna be done with this. Stared at it too long and time to move on to other things! I sense this will be getting a once over in the future once I have more time to tweak.
AngelaSasser's avatar
I agree those wings are bothering me! I'm thinking perhaps adding more feather layers somehow? I left them so simple in the line art with the intent to make them a solid piece of patterned stained glass, but then they went more realistic than planned, which led to that imbalance.

Bwah wish I had a bit more time to work on this, but must move on to other things or I won't get all of my pieces done. ;_; That is the shame about a deadline sometimes.

I did learn a thing or two about using Adjustment layers on this one that I'm hoping to go back and apply to Angel of January before I send her off for print. Woo learning!
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wow is so beautiful¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
Great job. I love the colours, the atmosphere, and the pose. So mystical ! ;)
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