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The Gift Giver

Art Progression:

Cards, Prints, etc. available soon here :pointr: [link]
See an in-depth walkthrough of this piece here :pointr: [link]
Tis the season where flickering lights shine in the dark, the promise of presents bring us secret smiles, and sugarplum faeries dance through our imaginations. The Spirit of Giving descends, reminding us of happiness found in unexpected places.

Digital, Photoshop coloring with a bit of photomanipulation.

Every year I create a present of art for my fans, friends, and family. This year, I'm proud to present my first fully digital piece in the series! May she bring you merriment, spiced wine, and good cheer!

See the complete Christmas Series here! :pointr: [link]

Also, don't forget my holiday drawing going on the rest of this month!
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I love her, beautiful piece!
ChiBurbs's avatar
Of all your holiday cards, this one is my favorite. It truly shows your maturation as an artist. The colors are impeccable and enhance not just the artwork itself but the moods that you've created/ It definitely feels like a late Chrsitmas night. Her flowing hair and the highlights of whatever magic light she bestows are extremely effective in adding a sense of magic to it all.

I plan on borrowing from this liberally in my own future projects.
AngelaSasser's avatar
It warms my heart to hear this card is your favorite. I didn't have a lot of time to complete it and still don't quite have confidence in my digital skills, so it's great to know this was a success!

I think you nailed the mood I was going for exactly in your comment. Good luck with your future projects!
mizzd-stock's avatar
Just stunning :love: +favlove:
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Thanks very much, Ida! Your holiday goddess stock was such wonderful inspiration for this. Such a gorgeous costume! Thanks for being a muse.:)
mizzd-stock's avatar
:aww: I am so glad you could use it, its really a magnificent art work you created :love:
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Oh this came out lovely my dear!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks! I'm loving this new tablet. *_* Things are sooo much easier now!
Genuka's avatar
Thank you for the gift of just even posting this pic! And for submitting the uncolored version to the color-me-club! I'm gonna color it!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Wonderful! I can't wait to see how creative people get with her color scheme.:) There are ever so many Christmas color schemes out there these days!
Hurricane-Jeanne's avatar
Beautiful. :heart:

I love the elegance. :heart:
quickreaver's avatar
SO GORGEOUS! I love her glow. Just an amazing job! :clap:
AngelaSasser's avatar
Glad the glow comes across! I really wanted to push the contrast in this. Still wishing I could have made this more 'painterly', but I am still learning this whole digital spiel.
Mondevu's avatar

O-kaaay, Christmas just got a whole lot creepier.

All joking aside, though, wonderful artwork, as always. ^_^ :clap:
AngelaSasser's avatar
ahah glad you like it despite the creepiness! She was meant to be a sort of 'Ghost of Christmas ---' type of fairy. Those figures from A Christmas Carol always did stand out for me with all their symbol laden imagery.
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This turned out beautiful!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks Jade! Glad you enjoy it:) Hope that card made it safe and sound!
keight's avatar
She's lovely, Ang.

May I note you about a computer issue question after Christmas?
AngelaSasser's avatar
Uh sure! I'm not sure if I can help or not, but I'll see what I can do.:)
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