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Tala and Oug-Commission

By AngelaSasser
:new: Just re-uploading this without the border and slightly higher dimension!

Detail: [link]

The completed commission for Michael a LaFlamme of his characters Tala and Oug. Oug, the man standing behind her in the reflection, was trapped in the cat's body by the curse of a chaotic god. Read Michael's Blacksent for more info.

I worked months..MONTHS! And now my life shall be empty without grass to color. Time to finish other commissions and trades :crazy:

Prismacolor Color Pencil, 11x14 Inches.
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© 2004 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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I really love this picture, especially the most important piece of the picture is the old er lady(you just do not see much of them). I love it when artists use "older" people in their art work-it makes me feel like we are still important; that when an artist creates a work of art using an older person, to me it means that they (the artist) still considers us an important consideration of their art. For this I thank you so very much! I sure hope that I worded that right-that you understand what I was trying to say. Your ART is so beautiful-you are so very talented. Thank you for sharing your art with us.
AngelaSasser's avatar
I think you would really like Tala, the elder lady in this image. She's quite the character who has been through a lot in her life! She was always one of my favorite people in Blacksent, the novel which this is an illustration for.

I don't see why anyone should become less relevant past a certain age, though I admit drawing different age groups can be an artistic challenge! There's a beauty to the characterization of elderly people, the way a person's years can be written on their face.

Thanks for stopping by, as always, and leaving such flattering comments. I'm lucky to have such a kind fan.:)
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This picture I love so much. I see an older woman(and she is so lovely); I don't see very many drawings that contain an older woman in them. This one I like alot! Guess maybe because I am a 63 year old woman(wife,mother, and grandmother)-who cannot draw a straight line with a ruler-but who absolutely loves to see the beautiful art of of people who love ART-and have the talent and the ambition to follow their dreams. thank You.
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Oh I remember these guys! I love it :heart:
PinkParasol's avatar
Beautiful! I love the grass.. it is so lush with so many different layers. Also, I looove the lilies.... I have a special respect for them after completing that last piece. Great perspective as well!
AngelaSasser's avatar
ahah as did I after completing this picture! They have so many wonderful formations and shadows in them. I find I quite enjoy drawing and looking at them. I used my own pond for reference for this image, but there are no lilies in it, sadly. I hope to get some growing this year.
BlackDelphin's avatar
GORGEOUS JOB!!! :love:

GAH! >_< that reflection looks so wonderful!! and when i look up...towards the background :aww: it's just so wonderful!!!
i just don't think this traditional needed that digital ruins some of its mood
AngelaSasser's avatar
Yeah that was added per request of the author, but after it didn't work too well with the print system, I removed it from the print. Just haven't removed it from this version yet XD
BlackDelphin's avatar
oooh please do! :innocent:
Kuzunari's avatar
O_O months? oh my word. that grass was really impressive to me. wow. months?! :giggle: great concept, great depth to the picture and above all else great grass :D it's what i like the picture for, and the refleciton, i love the almost harness of the water. it so yummy, and that electric blue dragonfly is just fun. almost incongruous seeing as i think this is a sad memory. but that dragonfly made it seem more fond to me :D very lovely peice, my favourite :nod:
faerie2112's avatar
VERY nice. Reminds me of some Celtic/faerie myth that I can't think of right now. MUST HAVE ALL YOUR PRINTS!!!
xexi's avatar
wow, that's a lot of work... a lot of details
i wish i had that patience!
rotten-angel's avatar
OMG!!! :worship: luv the details of the grass
cant wait to have prisma!!

uhm?......i think you need to work a little bit on proportioning because its quite...:nirvana:
but the color cimbination was really great that's why you're my sensei
AngelaSasser's avatar
O_o I was actually rather proud of the proportions in this...which ones are messed up to be exact? You got to take into account the different perspectives in this as well as the fact that the topmost figure is elderly (albiet with really perky boobsXD)

yessh prisma is goooood!
rotten-angel's avatar
uhm?....actually the reflections arm was quite big for her body
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The picture is very nice though I found that some of the details were lacking such as the dragonflies and the reeds. I know you're using color pencils but your an artist so it's your job to find a way to place as much detail into each work and the way to do it. The low key lighting was good though I felt the context of the picture called forth for high contrast. I also must admit it's hard to look at your pics done in color pencil since your cell shading is so remarkable with the brilliance of color.
T-Sama's avatar
Okiiiiiiie, I was waiting until yu were finished wif this to comment use... wow.

Okay, first of all... that grass looks fantastic. Yer a damn genius fer being able to do grass without cheating in photoshop and using my beloved grass brush. :D The swamp water and lilies look fantastic, as does the reflection, though it could be a tad more... iuno... rippling? Kind of a stupid thing to say after yu've completed already, but it still looks great.

And it's so sad. ;_; At first glance yu'd think her husband was dead, but then yu read that he's the cat... it's kind of sadder. :tears:
JudithMayr's avatar
Right, I finally find the time to have a good look at this. And lovey I absolutely adore it. The pose is stunning as is your work with the reflections not to mention that you actually managed to make the pond look like a pond. And for all your cussing about the grass it came out absolutely wonderful.
AngelaSasser's avatar
oo and I'll be putting details of it up soooon once I get back to college! You must see the waterlilies up close..they're my fave part of this:D yaay! making the pond look like pond water was the hardest part...but some helpful crits on here aided me in fixing it:nod:
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Interesting piece. And somehow comforting. Gorgeous colouring.
kittyq's avatar
goodness that's just beautiful. The landscape is just so... realistic. The grass, the water, the trees....! And the reflection is just wonderful - so much emotion expressed here.
He got his money's worth!
doranobaka's avatar

*has no words for the gorgeousness*
leo-darkheart's avatar
ooooh seeing into the pond of the past? very nicely done ^_^ i really like this.
porku's avatar
omfg, all that grass~!!!!!!!!
it shows how much you worked on this. *jaw drops* it's crazy good. O_o;;;;;;; wowowowowowoow~!
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