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THE UNCRUCIFIED: Koh Exploratory Concepts



Exploring concepts for my short story, THE UNCRUCIFIED. Featuring Kalara's alternate persona, Koh. Guild Master, gunslinger, and Silver Tongued Devil! Inspired by my Exalted (tabletop game) Eclipse Caste character, who is also a Righteous Devil (Gun Fu) practitioner.

CONCEPT BRIEF: "By first impressions, Koh is a slight, unassuming businessman who doesn’t seem well-adjusted to life on the road nor to fit in with the band of brigands he keeps company with. His choice of clothing hints at a heritage from the Arabian-inspired South, where gunpowder based guns are prized possessions. He also wears a pair of glasses."

"While Koh would rather solve conflict with words, when forced to fight, he moves with inhuman agility and strikes with deadly accuracy. Unbeknownst to his traveling companions, he is actually a she and a fugitive on the run from her own corrupt organization!"

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