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Studies for Rapunzel's Healing Tears

By AngelaSasser
EDIT: Added one more thumbnail to this page on the right side!  Really in love with it as it seems to combine all the things I like about the previous ones.  Choices, choices!

Still pondering on what to do for the ArtOrder's inspiration challenge. I've worked up the thumbnails to a more detailed state so as to better choose which direction to go. Again, working with the theme of Rapunzel's healing tears, combining my love for this fairy tale, Art Nouveau, and Preraphaelite movements.

Thumbnail 1 - Great sense of emotion between the figures and I like the border!  It doesn't show much detail in the characters though, which makes me sad.

Thumbnail 2 - A different angle on number one. I like how the figures fill out the space better in this one. Both 1 and 2 seem more symbolic than narrative, however.  Can you even tell they are about Rapunzel, other than braid in the border of number 2? I think I prefer this thumbnail to number 1 for the visual flow and the detail/emotion in the characters.

Thumbnail 3 - A bit of a different approach than the other two!  Still very Art Nouveau with the graphical border, but with a Preraphaelite flare in the potential for painterly details and arrangement.  I like that this has a more pronounced narrative setting with the tower in the background as well.  More of the entire story and a sense of reunion seems to be present in this particular thumbnail, making it my favorite!  I also like the symbolism of sneaking their faces into the border.

What say you? Which thumbnail do you prefer?

Studies done with white color pencil and ballpoint pen on toned paper.
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i would prefer the new one at the top right because the sense of emotion is much greater than that of all 3 previous thumbnails, and how rapunzels's hair flow into the border just adds great fluidity and makes the plain border become one with the centre!
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'm with you on that! If I return to this image later, it will most likely be the newest thumbnail that wins out.:D
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i have to say for me the first one is my favorite, be cause it does capture a key moment in the story, as wekk as the magic in the tears 
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Yeah I'm agreeing with the other comments - the newest one at the top right is just lovely. Great flow to her hair and the briars, and I love the way he almost looks like a supplicant paying to his personal goddess.
TheDivineMissM-94's avatar
Okay, the newest one's my favourite, IT'S GORGEOUS! :faint:
AngelaSasser's avatar
I prob will be going with this one. I really like it too!:D
3Eira's avatar
My favourite is the one on top at the left (the thumbnail 2. 2?)

I think it's the thumbnail that more emotion portraits. It has a little Klimt touch, which I love. I also love how her hair frame them nicely, strengthening the focal point.
I understand what you say about the nº 3, and yes, I agree it has more storytelling but there is so much that I'm not sure where to look at first.

 Well, this is my humble opinion.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks! I appreciate the input.:)
RoseCarballeira's avatar
These are all really beautiful compositions, but I'm not sure they would read as Rapunzel on first glance and without type. I feel as though there needs to be more distance between her and the prince. I love the idea of healing tears, could she be crying from high above? And the braid is most certainly a lovely and clever design element.

Love seeing your process, girl!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Awesome, thanks for the input!  I tried a re-position with your critique in mind for the new 3rd thumbnail (top right) and really love it!  I think I'm finally ready to choose.:)
RoseCarballeira's avatar
Glad I was able to be of service, I can't wait to see the final result!
TheDivineMissM-94's avatar
This is so hard D: I love the composition of the first two, the emotion of the first and both borders are lovely too. I totally agree with you on the third one though, the story telling aspect is beautiful, but I'm not so sold on the composition.
They're all beautiful! Good luck choosing :)
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I like the third better because it shows more narrative. Although I am not as sold on the border for it. I really like the emotion in the first, but I think you are right that it isn't clear it is about Rapunzel. 
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