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Studies for Rapunzel's Healing Tears



EDIT: Added one more thumbnail to this page on the right side!  Really in love with it as it seems to combine all the things I like about the previous ones.  Choices, choices!

Still pondering on what to do for the ArtOrder's inspiration challenge. I've worked up the thumbnails to a more detailed state so as to better choose which direction to go. Again, working with the theme of Rapunzel's healing tears, combining my love for this fairy tale, Art Nouveau, and Preraphaelite movements.

Thumbnail 1 - Great sense of emotion between the figures and I like the border!  It doesn't show much detail in the characters though, which makes me sad.

Thumbnail 2 - A different angle on number one. I like how the figures fill out the space better in this one. Both 1 and 2 seem more symbolic than narrative, however.  Can you even tell they are about Rapunzel, other than braid in the border of number 2? I think I prefer this thumbnail to number 1 for the visual flow and the detail/emotion in the characters.

Thumbnail 3 - A bit of a different approach than the other two!  Still very Art Nouveau with the graphical border, but with a Preraphaelite flare in the potential for painterly details and arrangement.  I like that this has a more pronounced narrative setting with the tower in the background as well.  More of the entire story and a sense of reunion seems to be present in this particular thumbnail, making it my favorite!  I also like the symbolism of sneaking their faces into the border.

What say you? Which thumbnail do you prefer?

Studies done with white color pencil and ballpoint pen on toned paper.
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i would prefer the new one at the top right because the sense of emotion is much greater than that of all 3 previous thumbnails, and how rapunzels's hair flow into the border just adds great fluidity and makes the plain border become one with the centre!