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[Speedpaint] The Fifth Arm



To be scrapped!  A 2 hour speed paint I created without any prior planning. I just let the colors fly!  It felt good to do this after all of the very meticulous Art Nouveau work I've been doing lately.

I ended up painting this image of Kalara's Exaltation from her story and our tabletop game.  For those who don't know White Wolf's Exalted setting, 'Exaltation' is when a mortal with a great destiny is chosen by a god to become their champion on earth.  

Kalara had a vision during her crucifixion at the hands of her betrayers. The Unconquered Sun imbued her with the power of the 'fifth arm of the Eclipse', the arm of calibration that holds the other four arms and powers in balance.  With that power, she would rise from her unjust execution and live on to change the world!

Exalted is nothing, if not dramatic!:D Sidenote, I had Music Box Opera by Delerium playing nearly the entire time I painted. Great song for exaltation!
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...though I always thought that the most high's fifth arm was the beard of chuck norris