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Song of Exile

By AngelaSasser
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In the forests of the Untamed Land, the Wolf wanders. He hums the tune to a song, words long forgotten, but feelings still remembered. Ramah dreams of the desert homeland where he can never return, where he was once a Prince among men.

Now he is only a Wolf chasing the spirits of the past.

This painting was almost singularly inspired by listening to the haunting song, Feraghi - Song of Exile by Niyaz.

This piece represents a personal milestone for me. I haven't sat down to do something for myself in a long while, much less sat and asked myself at every phase of the image "Just how can I push this farther?" This was also the first time I feel I've gotten this character correct after failing to depict him close to the image I had of him in my mind's eye in past illustrations.

I hope to continue this pattern of pushing myself, which may mean less artwork in the meantime, as it will take me longer to produce higher quality images. I think this habit will be worth it in the long run.

Original Image: 11x14 Inches, Watercolor & Color Pencils.
Ramah Sirhaan, the werewolf Prince © Angela Sasser

See a detail:…
Read more about Ramah and his world at this Group:
Watch a time lapse:
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Agatha-Macpie's avatar
So much details !!! And I love the coloring ! Great job !
Wai-Jing's avatar
Wow, I love the backstory! All the details in the picture are just spectacular - I love the sword, the pattern down the blade is stunning! It took me several seconds of taking everything in before I even noticed the wolves, heh >_<
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'm always happy to see people pick up on the fact there's a narrative going on here. This is one of my personal favorite pieces that really inspired something grand. There's more to read about Ramah over at my lit account, if you're interested:

Mark of Cahim (a little chara sketch with Ramah): [link]

It's the start of something bigger with him that was sparked by this picture:) Hoping it will bring more illustrations with it too!
Rita-Ria's avatar
this is sooo wonderful :love:
Rita-Ria's avatar
this is sooo wonderful :love:
Rita-Ria's avatar
this is sooo wonderful :love:
swampfaerie's avatar
I think it's awesome you joined this's really awesome, even though I haven't put really anything in it yet
echdhu's avatar
Not only a really nice piece,but I also have to thank you for introducing me to Niyaz!
AngelaSasser's avatar
My pleasure! This song just captivates me in particular. I must've listened to it on repeat a thousand times over while I was painting this image. Their work is just amazing and definitely on my art music playlist!
lenochka86's avatar
yawza!!! amazing job
Hira--Akami's avatar
The thing I like most about this is how complete it looks. It looks absolutely professional. Nothing is neglected or left half-assed. If you ever need a portfolio for something, definately stick this in it.
AngelaSasser's avatar
I am very proud of this particular piece and it's definitely one I put in my portfolio these days. I sat down with the full intent to take this picture as far as I could. I would not be lazy about backgrounds, I would not skimp out on details, I had a beloved professor's voice in my head asking me constantly "How can you push this further, Angela?" I'd like to be this way with all my future pieces. Even though it took me ages to complete, the end results were well worth the taxing efforts it took to make myself be focused and NOT lazy about anything.
nathie's avatar
this is just too sexy! :)
um.....can i say THIS IS FRIGGEN AMAZING LIKE WOW!!!! but really, i love this pic and even though it is just a drawing, he looks so realistic its CRAZY! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!
AlexandraRena's avatar
OH MY GOD, I LOVE NIYAZ. I have been madly in love with them for the past year and a half!
And I love the overall design in this...and the subject is most delectable :D
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks:) I recently discovered Niyaz but I am just as in love.
AlexandraRena's avatar
Have you listened to their album Nine Heavens yet? It's wonderful! Also, check out Azam Ali's (singer) stuff. It's all excellent! :D And if you like Niyaz, check out Raquy and the Cavemen. More tribal, but still great for art-ing.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Yup I have all of Ali's stuff, though I can't seem to find Raquy. Sounds interesting though!
AlexandraRena's avatar
They have a Myspace: [link]
Charlemaine's avatar
whoa sinew overload. lol.. they are fun to draw tho!

musical inspiration is often the best... i'll try to find the translation for ya (methinks the lure of the free print might hv smthg to do with it -- shameless but true) ...well, may the fastest translator win :XD:

this has to be one of ur best watercolors yet. the wolves look inspired, like u thought of that execution out of the blue. and i'd kill for his sword.
AngelaSasser's avatar
update! Someone has found a translation and it's quite beautiful:D [link]
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks^_^ I'm very proud of Mr. Fuzzy man here. I had actually planned to paint in the wolves realistically before the idea struck me to make them ghost like. I think it worked out for the best in the end.

And yes, please do send me a translation if you happen to find one! I've gone right to the source and emailed Niyaz' official website about it. Still no response yet though!
breakful's avatar
This is probably my favorite piece you've done so far, that I've seen.
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