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SoE Melakim Clothing Variations



I forgot to submit this last year when I first did it because I thought I'd make more rows of clothing, but I never did and it may be a long time before I ever do get around to making more so here goes!  

This was my attempt at teaching myself concept art presentation by using one of my OC's and pretending I was designing her for a serious fantasy Game of Thrones-esque production.  I'll probably return to this later with a completely updated approach once I have a better idea of how her class of Hunters operates.

I thought of how Mae lives out in the woods and generally makes most of her clothing herself by hand from the hides of her kills.  Her outfit also needed to be archery-friendly, thus why some of the outfits include a bare arm or an armored breast.

Right now, I think the outfit of 5 with the crocodile looking greaves of 4 are my favorite.

See more of my development of this world and its characters here:

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