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SoE Concept Sketch - Melakim Tracking

This was *supposed* to be a quick sketch, but 'quick' never happens for me, it seems.

I'm still exploring the concept of Melakim as a female hunter from my NaNoWriMo draft. Still not settled on a look, but I feel I'm finally on the right track here, especially with the tatts! She looks even more intimidating and angrier looking than her past male incarnation was. Scary!

Vampire slayer, monster hunter, wife, and mother! I'm rather enjoying unraveling the layers of this character with this recent re-design/re-write for Song-of-Exile.

The tattoos on her arms symbolize the number of kills she has made while the one on her face/throat were inspired by a man from her tribe she met when she was a child.

More concepts of Mae:
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Wow, I love her! :heart::love::heart:
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I follow 1821 Comics on Facebook (Stan Lee is involved with this group and they created Romeo and Juliet - The War, an updated version of Romeo and Juliet where Romeo is a cyborg and Juliet is a genitically enhanced human). Check out their Facebook site. [link]

Anyway, they're are accepting submissions now (I saw this announcement on their FACEBOOK page) They are looking for the next generation of storytellers. Maybe you should submit your ideas to them. Here is their announcement:

Calling all graphic novel/comic book creators!!! 1821 Comics will begin taking publishing submissions for consideration. We are looking for any and all genres from a PG13 to R kinda of rating. Send an email with all info, script, artwork, . Please put Submission in the subject title of the email. We will review each and every submission, but will only be in contact with those projects that might fit our slate of upcoming books. We thank you in advance for your interest in 1821 Comics.

Submission Disclaimer:

By submitting your material you understand and agree that 1821's use of material containing features and elements similar to or identical with those contained in the submitted material shall not obligate 1821 to negotiate with owner of submitted material nor entitle owner of submitted material to any compensation if 1821 determines it has an independent legal right to use such other material which is not derived from owner of submitted material (either because such features and elements were not new or novel, or were not originated by owner of submitted material, or because other persons have submitted or may hereafter submit material containing similar or identical features and elements not derived from owner of submitted material which 1821 has the right to use).
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It sounds like an interesting prospect, though that last clause kind of makes me hesitant. They can see my idea and decide to use it but not compensate me if they can come up with another idea that's close enough to mine, but different enough to be unique? I think I'll stick to self-publishing for the moment, though I really do appreciate you thinking of me and bringing this to my attention.
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Love the character design. :3
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Thanks! Ahah I keep thinking how weird it must be for those who knew him as a guy to see him completely flipped around.XD But she's turning into a creature all her own these days. It's very fun!
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What an interesting chacarter! It could be a quick draw... but it's amazing too!
Sometimes when you didn't expect to make a great work, the inspiration founds you working (like Picasso said) and the result is a very glad and impresive surprise...

Anyway... I simply love it ^^
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this late night doodle of mine. Sometimes things just really 'click' in a certain piece and I believe the full body sketch is where this happened for me. Wish that happened more often!
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I like the full body sketch of Melakim. She looks quite upset at being interrupted from something. The head studies look really male to me, but I think that's what you're going for?
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Yup! She is meant to look pretty rough, like a lady who could hold her own, though I may tone down the maleness just a hair. I'm still trying to strike that balance between tough and female. It's especially challenging with a gal who is built, athletically, since it makes the neck more prominent, which does add to the confusion.
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That's an interesting intersection to be at. What if you checked out some comic super ladies to see how they were depicted? I think new images of Wonder Woman make her look built but retain the female image. Perhaps it's the jaw structure? I hope to see more sketches of her soon. :aww:
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I look at the tatts and all I can think about is drawing them over and over, panel after panel. :faint: I do really like the top concept, but I am also a sucker for asymmetry.
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Ha, yes! My designs are hardly ever comic book or animation friendly. It's definitely a bad habit of mine to like heavily tattooed and asymmetrical characters (a pain in the butt when you're sleepy and forget which eye your character's blind in). I think I would have to find a way to cover her arms up with sleeves if I were required to draw her THAT much. Then the audience would only get glimpses through shredded sleeves or those tense moments when clothing is missing, which could be an interesting way to reveal her past.:nod:

Glad you like the asymmetry! This character seems plagued by it.:)
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