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By AngelaSasser
:new: I fixed the anatomy errors and will be re-uploading the print. Enjoy!

For =windfalcon's Names of Galway Contest.

We were to pick a name of a random place in Galway and draw what came to mind. From the depths of my subconscious came this image, a blend of inspirations probably from Ritualists in Guild Wars: Factions:, the creepy holly-tattooed chick from Fatal Frame 3, and the long lost fantasy novel of mine that had a blind oracle in it whose eyes were cut out by a mage hunter and whose hair was long and silvery.

Sometimes I worry about my string of mental associations.

Pose thanks to `lockstock: [link]
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Such a radical and wonderful style. Fantastic!
Farelle's avatar
those mental associations makes them special and feeling more alive^^
RebeccaTripp's avatar
You are totally amazing!
bear48's avatar
wonderfully expressive
dmonghost's avatar
Very cool. The colors, textures are wonderful. Plus I just like it.
thrivis's avatar
I was browsing through my favorites, making a couple of folders and just wanted to say this is still one of my favorites - it's such a different direction that your usual style and so beautifully executed at the same time! Amazing energy in it.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks Erika! I've been trying to replicate this style, but nothing ever comes close to the success of this first try at 'batik' pattern layering. There's just something about blind oracles that lend themselves so well to this mode. I'm going to keep experimenting and see what happens. Glad you enjoyed this:)
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The use of the reddish inking in this piece really makes it pop against the blue and silver coloring. Almost makes me think of a print (like the kind you make with a printing machine, lol).
AngelaSasser's avatar
I've heard the word 'batik' for this one a lot too. Makes me want to try and actually make an image this style behind instead of digitally.
Hira--Akami's avatar
My thoughts on batik is that it's good if you're really open-minded about the way the end product will look... it's suprisingly not the most precise thing in the world.
beautiful. the colors are lovely and you did an excellent job on the tattoo's, interesting to see where your subconscious takes you lol.
Also, there's a sort of wood block like quality to this that really adds to the piece
Kaze-Kuroki's avatar
She's Lovely! I love your color choices. This is an insta fave :heart:
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks:) I couldn't have done it without `lockstock's stock. She is indeed one of the most beautiful people on DA.
happybeeme's avatar
I've always adored your work, but this is simply stunning. :+fav:
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks:) Silverstrand here is definitely in a league of her own. I just hope I can reach this level again!
swampfaerie's avatar
I really like the collage feel to this...great're doing so well
AngelaSasser's avatar
thanks! This was a fun experiment with digital patterning and I'm totally in love with the end result. I really need to do more like this:)
Artemis-Diane23's avatar
This painting is so impressive, with many details, textures, colors and an interesting and original concept... :)
EmperorNortonII's avatar
What a great character! :D
doranobaka's avatar
Wow. This is just gorgeous. The colors you used go so well with each other and give it a kind of art nouveau feel. :heart:
sugahcat's avatar
The design and composition are really striking, the use of such a strong blue really draws the eye.
Marker-Guru's avatar
i LOVE the look.. its.. indescribably. not graphic but not ...un graphic XD i dunno. its neat! I like how the textures turned out
vickyjane's avatar
That would SO totally make me go nuts if I did that.

So.. many.. details! That's why I'm no good with patterns and tattoos... lol.

If ye dont mind me sayin...the nose and jaw are a bit off...... and..... it looks like she doesnt have a chin. I know how hard it is to draw at that kind of an angle... usually I just give in and take a photo of meself and look off of that. Reference is my FRIEND... :zombie:

But... yea. I luff this vewy vewy mucho. XD
Abaddon-ShadowAngel's avatar
amazind dove. i love the use of colors best (fav)
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