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Self-Critique MEME - Ladydove7

This isn't really a 'fun' MEME, but rather one meant to challenge each and every artist to take a long, hard look at themselves! I've been very introspective on this topic lately and thought this might be a way to help myself, and others.

Critique from others is only one half of the process of becoming a good artist, the other half is accepting and understanding this critique, then taking the steps to improve yourself!

Consider this like a 'strategic plan' towards making yourself a better artist. It's good to do this at least once a year, if not every moment you're working on an image, in my opinion!

So...will you take the Oath to Improve with me? You can find the blank template files here!:

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This is a really cool costume book [link]
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YES! I used to study that one in the library all the time.:3 It's on my wishlist now, thanks!
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This is a good one. I want to have a go at it, but that will have to be post-op.
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Geh hope it all goes well, Keight!
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Thanks, Ang.
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OMG, this is AWESOME. I HAVE to do it...
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Please do! I'd love to see how others take on this self-critique challenge.:) I'm almost thinking of making a group JUST for people to 'take the oath', but that is my project fairy gone WILD again. o_o Yes...yes it is.
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1. see if you can borrow '9heads' as its the go to fashion book. it gives you patterns (sewing blue prints) of all kinds of silhouettes, rendering different fabrics and prints and gets into detail of stitches and such. After that, a general look up on historical and cultural fashion is cool. And don't photocopy/ print them, sketch them so you remember more.

2. study good cinematography. "framed ink" is an awesome book to get you started and FZD youtubes [link]

3. ah this, I'm going to hit up portrait night at school and when I feel 'better' might hit the local park and do free sketches if they sit for 5 mins (great promo idea. going to stamp my url on pages)

4. I just need to get better at backgrounds. They're not fun to do though (as in designing, not drawing).

5. was going to say gurney but you beat me to it. I find that color ink is better then general water colors, though feber castels are awesome. also need to study up color mixing and color wheel. In painting, I'm getting used to 'darkening' my colors with out having to use 'dark' colors.
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I'm just going to reply in numbers as well since that's easier. XD

1. 9 Heads is a bit pricey, but sounds like some great info within! I will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the rec! *book addict*

2. I've been wanting to learn a bit more about storyboarding in general as well, which I think is really going to help my brain think in different modes it hasn't before. I'll definitely have to check this one out as well, as there are a 1001 film books on Amazon to choose from. First-hand recommendations are appreciated! I'm already a subscriber of FZD and I watch it every time there's a new upload. It's priceless stuff! Really wish I had the money to train with those guys in their online prog.:(

3. I always worry that people won't like their sketches, so I'm very shy about doing this! I'll probably ease into it with the life drawing models first, since they know they're there to be drawn by varying levels of artists. I also like drawing in a studio because there's no wind!

4. Same. Backgrounds have always been less interesting to me than figures because I'd rather pour my efforts into them. Faces are my favorite part of anything to draw. Just have to find things about backgrounds that I love!

5. Oh yes, Gurney is the MUST HAVE for any artist, in my opinion! I've thought again and again that his books represent what I *should* have gotten from my art education in college, but didn't. I've gotten a bit better darkening with watercolors using complementary color combinations and also switching to papers that can take more layers OR using color pencil on top to darken. I've also started venturing into opaque media like acrylics which have a darker tonal range, overall, so we'll see what comes of that! It's all been a matter of experimenting to this point and *eventually* I trust I'll find that method that works for me.

And finally, thanks for stopping by and commenting! So happy to be a two-way info sponge with you.:)
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9heads is really pricey, I borrow mines at my school library (well school is pricey too), its about over 300 pages I think and looks to be 11x17 in size. maybe you can look up on ebay or get to a collage library

another book just coming out from d'artist fashion design: [link]
it doesn't have anywhere as much info as 9heads, but definitely cheaper.

my least fave part is doing the face, I love working on hair and fabric. I've noticed that i've covered up faces a lot, but I laso think it adds mystery.

they had a demo a while ago and thats when I discovered how paper really effects how your colors show up. A big eye opener for me, now I have to figure out what to do with all the cheaper paper. Gurney is love, but his stuff can get wordy so I only read a page or 2 per setting.

normally I read your blog but find da easier to post to. Welcomes and thanks also for your insightful comments/ posts.

I've been following your blog for some time now although I never had the courage to post any comments on it. I want to thank you so much for posting this meme. I've been having similar thoughts for the past year, and although I am not trying to make a living with my art, I had been taking commission jobs for various self-published children's books and just have not been satisfied with the level of my work.
Congratulations on being able to take an honest look at what you feel your work lacks (although I think it's beautiful!) and not beating yourself to a bloody pulp over it. Thank you for reminding us all what every artist should strive for; I have every confidence that you will continue to create stunning and even more impressive works of art. I'll be following this meme and thanking you every step of the way!
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It's so lovely to hear from you and know that I have silent readers over at my blog.:) As you say, even if we aren't making a living from our art, it's always a good feeling to know you're pushing the art to meet all the glorious ideas you have in your head! I think one of the worst habits most artists have is to beat themselves up over their inability. We've got to stop this and keep trudging ever onward, or we risk stamping out inspiration with frustration!

Best of luck to you. I hope you'll do this meme and find some inspiration to keep developing your work! Thanks for reading and offering your support.:love:
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