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My sketches for week 3! I lost a bit of steam this week from being either too busy or too tired, but I'm just happy to get anything done at all, these days! Still having tons of fun with this, even though it's REALLY been murder on my sleep schedule.

Nov 16 and Nov 17th - Sexy Drow pinups! I missed the challenge to draw a D&D pinup at both Artorder AND ConceptArt, so figured I'd try it out just for fun! I rambled a little more on their individual deviations here and here.

Nov 18 - "Kingdom of the Shining Eye Leather Journal" - A design for the cover of a journal dedicated to collecting notes about my prince Ramah's story. Worked in a good deal of symbolism concerning the sun and moon gods of his universe. This design is going to KILL my brain (and possibly my fingers as well).

Nov 19 - "The High Priestess" - A try at a thumbnail sketch for my entry to Tandy's leather art card contest! She started out as a tarot theme, but somehow ended up being more of a self-portrait of sorts.
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