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Compiling all of my sketches from this first week of SKETCHAVEMBER into one epic montage! To be scrapped later.

Nov 1 - Melakim started off the event with a bang! He has lazy Kakashi eyes...

Nov 2 - *Uneide's Tereg in a swirly composition to match Unwanted Wings.

Nov 3 - So inspired by this Dragon Corset that I just HAD to do my own designs for leather corsets or my head would literally explode. This particular corset was meant to match my Black Swallowtail Mask as a set.

Nov 4 - Why do just a corset when I could cover it with WINGS? This seemed a natural evolution for me XD

Nov 5 - Sketched while peddling my wares at the Mechanical Masquerade. Trying to think of a steampunkish design I liked and ended up with 'elven scale' body armor corset mixed with impractical swooshie cloth. Not quite 'punk', but I like it!

Nov 6 - Tried another arrangement of butterfly wings since the Black Swallowtail one felt too static and predictable.

Nov 7 - Sketched accessories for the previous day's corset. All to be made from leather, of course!
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I'd absolutely love to have that butterfly corset, that's awesome hun