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"Female Drow Pinup", 2.5 hrs. Photoshop
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Kicking off the 3rd week of SKETCHAVEMBER with another strong start!

Tonight's SKETCHAVEMBER stemmed from the fact that I'd missed out on Artorder and ConceptArt's D&D pinup challenges. Naturally, I went for an Elven race, specifically the Drow. They're just so easy to sexify with their matriarchal spider goddess society!

I so have to try a male Drow pinup just so both genders get fair limelight (everybody went for the female drow, it seems. Even me!) Who can resist their black, purple, and glowy subterranean color schemes?

For as scary-sexy as I wanted to make her, she somehow ended up in a pink frilly bustle. Fail...

I used this awesome stock pose from =skydancer-stock as a starting point! (Beware, there are boobies at that link!)
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:wow: I love this so hard!
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Grins, well Rowena ~DarGirl is all gothic and red and black, we will not tell her about the pink moment. :D Always great fun.
Hira--Akami's avatar
Oooh... I would really like to see the male version... for some weird reason that sounds really hot lol.