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A bride never to be a wife. A spirit never to be at rest.
He built a beautiful house for her of the finest marble,
but the house became her tomb.

Now, every night the house falls, decaying from within
it's pristine walls peeling and bleeding.

Every night, she rises from the hillside, a beautiful and gruesome effigy of a bride, her veil torn, her flesh ruined.

The night will come again, the house will fall, the bride will rise and all will be forgotten.

Another dream-inspired painting spawned by having watched a very disturbing Asian horror flick called Re-Cycle (damn you Kevin!).

3 10"X15" panels. Acrylic, pastel, metallic spraypaint.
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wolverine-fallen09's avatar
VERY LOVELY!!! The colors are absolutely gorgeous. INSTANT :+fav:!!! :w00t:
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I love that goldish glow to the highlighty zones :D and the composition is awesome!
faerie2112's avatar
I love the paneling technique. Very raw and passionate. The texture of the piece makes me feel like something has been stripped away from my outer shell.
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Congratulations! This piece has just been featured in the most recent ’Unknown Artist’ newsarticle at *Future-Art-Magazine

You can see the newsarticle here: [link]

(you can also find a stamp that you can use to show you have been featured)

Kind Regards

:pointr: *mizzdraconia
sonettie's avatar
I am seriously loving your canvas works!
sadly I perked up when I saw the words Asian horror lol something new for me to pester netflix to get lol

I love the colors and the dark flow. and I take it this is done on three panels? (I'm slow today ^^; ) I almost obsess over stuff when I know there works from dreams, always an interesting subject :D

I need to get back into painting more, I have four unfinished stuff right now and more idea's spawning :faint:
AngelaSasser's avatar
yup done on 3 panels! I'm in a multi-panel painting kick of late. I think it helps get across the fractured feel alot of my dreams have. (and helps fill up gallery space>>;)

Yess painting is fun! i'm glad to be getting back into it myself^^ I may have to turn this acrylic phase towards my character art too rather than just scenic abstracty stuff.
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Tear down the walls and peeling paint
Let me walk by your side again
My limbs decay but my heart beats on
Only the warmth of my breath is gone
Walk on, walk on
I'll be right behind
When you close your lovely eyes
I'll be in the corners of your mind.


I love this. I haven't stopped faving you since u started posting this amazing bunch of paintings. And this is 1 more fine addition to my favourites gallery! whoot

Gotta love those Thai horror films.
Charlemaine's avatar
Throwing ppl off? only if they can't appreciate conceptual stuff. and at least it's not sooo abstract to the point that it becomes detached from the viewers. I mean, the story really helped too. And there's something very....inspired about your paintings. It's not just artistic from an aesthetic/art snob point of breathes out of the canvas and touches people.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Interesting snippet there. I'm glad to see these latest paintings aren't throwing everyone off. I know I tend to lose a few people when I start uploading something other than my normal fantasy faire.
Marmonica's avatar
Beautiful work! Keep it up!
leo-darkheart's avatar
In Jesus name may she find peace one day. Beautiful poem
Malbi88's avatar
death by drowning?
Sunhorde's avatar
Wow, this is gorgeous. The faded feel to it, the delicate colors...definitely a fav. :)
Kazuki88's avatar
Awesome pic! I like the way you made it where you can see the skeleton! :D
QuestingRaven's avatar
I love the tone in this image. So very haunting.
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Oh man.. creepy creepy creepy.. but very cool chica.. I love the hidden skeleton there.. and I'm a lily fanatic...
IdaLarsenArt's avatar
WarFalcon's avatar
Beautiful, but sad. May she find peace.
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