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Rapunzel Comic Collection VII



Rapunzel Collection I-(Strips 1-4) 
Rapunzel Collection II-(Strips 5-8)
Rapunzel Collection III-(Strips 9-12)
Rapunzel Collection IV-(Strips 13-16)
Rapunzel Collection V-(Strips 17-20)
Rapunzel Collection VI - (Strips 21-24)
Rapunzel Collection VII - (Strips 25-28)
Rapunzel Collection VIII - (Strips 29-33)

Here is the collection of Strips 25-28 of the Rapunzel comic strips I started and never finished for The Connector student newspaper at SCAD-Atlanta presenting my dark reinterpretation of the Rapunzel tale.  I graduated by the time I was able to publish the last few strips.  It's slowly, but surely coming to a close after far too long of a hiatus!

In this collection, the Prince and Rapunzel learn the cost of their desires.

Stay tuned to AngelaSasser-story for the latest strips, or check this account for the collections which will appear every 4 strips.

Drawn digitally in Photoshop CC to emulate a woodcut style.
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